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baaaad mommy! bad!

So Addie locked herself in the apartment today. Without my help. And as much as this sounds like a pre-pubescent tantrum, it wasn’t. I left her putting on her shoes in the foyer of the apartment while I took her … Continue reading

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One what?

Has anyone seen this “One laptop per child” thing? Apparently an uber-cool entrepreneur wants to bring goodness to the children of the world in the form of a laptop. Because, as we all know, the shocking lack of a laptop … Continue reading

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Hyperemesthetize me already

It’s almost OCTOBER. Can you believe it? An old boyfriend who shall remain forever nameless wrote odes to this leafy month and sang troubadorically on the steps of a certain college campus. I maintain that there is a change that … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Yes, world, I have at last left the stone age behind and have a blog. Blahhh-ghhhh. (Sorry, been in my office too long). My cool friend Sarah set one up for me and I have decided to latch on and … Continue reading

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