Hyperemesthetize me already

It’s almost OCTOBER. Can you believe it? An old boyfriend who shall remain forever nameless wrote odes to this leafy month and sang troubadorically on the steps of a certain college campus. I maintain that there is a change that takes place in the air on a particular day in October, which is directly dependent on your latitude. In Atlanta it’s more or less the 10th of October, but I’ll let you know when it happens for real.

So the old morning sickness….I was in the hospital about a month ago now for dehydration and a general psychotic tossing of my cookies and wondered what the hee-haw was going on. The announcement of an impending arrival was, to say the least, unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome. What’s the deal with the questions, though? “Oh my! So, was that PLANNED?” Arrgh. Last time I looked, Planned Parenting was the one who did all that (insert conservative rant here).  

 SO back to my favorite OB/GYN, Maternal Gynerations (just try not to think about swerving hips when you say that “y” the wrong way), and the midwives there. I had as sucessful a delivery with them as one can have whilst crawling the walls and hyperventilating (all the time with a tube in my spine), so I figured I’d use them again for the sequel. Thankfully this time (at least to date) there are no ovarian cysts the size of grapefruits to deal with…

So teaching has been an adventure the past few weeks. I am on great drugs right now (careful, kids, the legal, prescribed kind) which do almost everything except take away the feeling like my stomach wants to live independent of me, usually by heading somewhere down a drain. I teach 5 classes right now, three preps (which is nice), but the hours are stretched out and my morning classes are the hardest to deal with.  My department has been magically fabulous and I have to be grateful for their understanding…there were a few classes that got cancelled, but I am more able to manage the nausea with the drugs they have me on.

It’s called hyperemesis and it’s SO much fun. I have dropped about 10 lbs and that’s nice, but wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. YUCK. Each day is easier, but there are definitely days when I want to just lay in a fetal position on the bathroom floor for the day.

The upside of all of this is that we get to think about another child. I have sucessfully blocked all recollection of the first three months of neo-natal hell that I went through with The Princess of the Whole World,  but I also have these fuzzy, fervent hopes that “the second one will be easier”…self-delusion has always been my forte. But seriously, just being in the presence of my dear friend Lenne two days after she had her VBAC gives me much hope. She’s munching chips, Kate is in the bassinett sleeping like an angel. Mommy and baby radiate calm and maternal “om”-ness. I thought, “I am totally doing this second baby thing”. 

 We’ll see how that “om” thing goes. Meanwhile, more drugs! And class in a few. No actual emesis today, so that’s good. Things are looking up.

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One Response to Hyperemesthetize me already

  1. Sarah says:

    Looks like you got the jump on everybody with the baby questions. No sooner did Nate and I say “I do”, wraping up the steady barage of “When are you going to get married?” questions, they all immediately started on “So when are you going to have kids”. Seriously, at our wedding…. I’m excited to be hearing about your life since it seem like decades between our phonecalls. So how about some wedding photos posted up on this blog of yours?

    Hugs! – Sarah

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