When you really need a donut…

So there’s this professor who teaches in my department and has an office directly opposite to mine. Besides being one of these super-driven, skinny Southern blondes that instinctively make my skin crawl, she has the mouth of a sailor, which is always fun to experience as my door is usually open.

Today, she storms into the place in her usual frenetic manner and I hear her on her phone. I assume she’s talking to Campus Security, but I can’t be sure.

“Yes, hello, Cynthia. This is Madame Merciless over in ESL, I’m in H-building. The guys working on the drainage ditch outside are hosing the tubing down with water.  Yeah.”

(what might the big deal be?? let’s listen in….)

“So, since all of Atlanta is on a total water ban I think this action constitutes a breach of the law. If they haven’t stopped by the time I leave for class, I’m calling the police. Yeah. Thanks, Cynthia.”

I can only imagine the face of “Cynthia”, whoever she may be, sitting in her office, wondering who the *#$@# this lady was, calling in such a huff about water violations on a construction site.

“Give this lady a donut!” said my wee voice within, and so I did. Orange, for Halloween, with sprinkles.

I can only hope the migrant workers who make $8 an hour hosing off plastic tubing will figure out what’s up with the crazy American lady with sprinkles on her chin flailing about in the mud, wrenching the hoses out of their hands while simultaneously calling 911 on her Blackberry.

Did I mention it’s raining today?

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