Ok, so Fall finally arrived in Georgia…this was a hard one to wait for.  Any time September rolls around, I find myself wishing we lived in New York, where the leaves start to turn in late August. I can do without the snow till May, though…

We went to Jae-Mor farms this past weekend, to buy pumpkins and generally revel in the harvest time (which means buying overpriced fried pies and boiled peanuts, and shooting apples at a target for the “apple slingshot”).  I’ll upload some pics to illustrate, but it was a fun time. As I age I come to desire these celebrations of the passage of time and the seasons more and more…maybe it’s for Addies sake (isn’t it all, after all, for the kids?). Addie loved the whole experience- the hayride with Uncle E, the many pumpkins, the gourd teepee. There’s just something about October, something that whispers of cinnamon and the smell of damp leaves- something that makes me (obviously) nostalgic and romantic.

My hyperemesis has calmed and I am more able to do my work…classes are going well and the students have a renewed faith in my presence (it was shaky there for a while!). They seem to be eager and willing, and that’s hard to find. I still get the itch to travel, though, especially when my friend Anna in Southampton talks about her job as a family adventure travel planner….yes, this pregnant lady gets itchy feet! I still scan the job ads for international jobs and imagine moving to Qatar, or Bolivia, or sometimes South Korea. Why not?? My friend Linda has always had a vagabond existence, never in one place for more than a few years. She’s in Canada right now, was in New Zealand before, and has traveled the globe as long as I can remember. Yes, harder with kids, but nonetheless I can’t see us staying in Atlanta past the time we get the green card stuff worked out.

Off to eat at a farmer’s market…and to feel the breeze and laugh with Addie. Fridays are good.

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