Is anyone else already tired of the election hoopla? I watched some clips from the Republican YouTube debate on CNN and found an overwhelming apathy invading me. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the unfortunate probability that we’ll have a democrat president next year, or if it’s connected to a general ambivalence towards American politics in all its tinseled glory. Perhaps it has a little to do with Mrs. Sweigert.

Yes. You heard me. Mrs. Sweigert.

I think Nephus is the only one who will remember her, but as our high school government and social studies teacher, she made quite an impact. The lady who would never tuck her shirt in (it was a fashion separate!!) but would berate us publicly if a shirt tail peeked. The lady who would scream at us about being financially responsible when we were 14, jobless, and barely able to keep ourselves in Noxema. The lady who swore that if we didn’t register to vote, she would hunt us down and haunt us at night, “hanging from your ceiling fan, cackling” that we should register NOW, buah-ha-ha-haaaaah….

And she does. This is the truly sad part of my whole voting record- the shameless, utter, and absolute LACK of one. I have-yes, berate me please- as of yet never registered to vote. I have shunned the entire rigamarole of the election process. In my defense (is there any, really?), I have moved 6 times in as many years, and have been overseas for at least part of that time. Nevertheless, there is (let’s be honest, only at times…like, um…an election) a small voice which jabs annoyingly at my conscience, and that voice is Mrs. Sweigert’s.


But really. Is there anything that would make me join the debate, this electoral shimmy, this noble cha-cha that is American politics? There are several things that might induce me. Immigration, abortion, and Mitt Romney.

(am i really writing a piece on politics?? yes, and hell just reported flurries)

Immigration- as the wife of an immigrant it hits scarily close to home. Realizing that this issue is a complex one, I still don’t think that the government has done enough to address it- and the “fence” is hopeless. We are the fence. Bush is the fence. The Minutemen are the fence. This is a tough issue that needs someone to address it- and Congress sure seems to have “done tried”. Abortion- a social issue, I know, but I have to support most of the GOP candidates on this one in that I just don’t think this is something the federal government can or should enforce. As a country, we’re just not at the point where we can come together on this issue enough to warrant federal intervention. Call me crazy.

And Mitt Romney.

Am I taking it a little too far if I say that I’d prefer to see any one of the democrats (except Hillary) in office rather than Mitt Romney? -ummm, probably. I’m sorry- The Book of Mormon, by Mr. Smith? Baptising the dead? Man becoming God? I have major issues endorsing a candidate with such radically different theological views than mine. Regardless of whether or not many Americans believe Mormonism to be Christianity, any kind of rational comparison here will obviously turn up some major differences. Major differences which I, for one, can’t feel comfortable with.

And so I (sigh) must vote- for someone who is NOT Mitt Romney. Yes, people, it has come to this. I must be a responsible American citizen- arrgh. I guess by 30 that’s a good thing. And it will be nice to get the old lady off the ceiling fan.

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2 Responses to Elec-shuns

  1. Eva says:

    Not registered to vote! Oh my! Not that I’ve vote in anything other than the presidential elections myself. And then my vote is apparently the kiss of death for any candidate/law so it’s quite discouraging.

    On the Romney front, you might find this article interesting:


    Mormonism kind of freaks me out, but as individuals Mormons are quite nice, even when they want you to go to their church. I have a Mormon friend and even went to her church’s Halloween party, but I can’t help but think of their crazy religious (cultish) tenets. Anyway, I still definitely don’t want that Romney guy. Of course since I’m not voting for him he’ll have a decent chance!

  2. Sarah says:

    Ahh, Mrs. Sweigert… always with the bottom two buttons of her shirt undone so they didnt pop off when she sat down. Her clothing policing was rather hypocritical.

    I have to give her kudos though, for standing behind her beliefs. It takes some fortitude to do that in such a anti-democrat environment. I cant say that the school took very kindly to anything thinking that was not along official party line. I think it is healthy for students to be presented with a different point of view. And while she didnt actually come out and say it, I agree with her that Republicans have not cornered the market on ‘morality’, ‘family values’ and ‘Godliness’.

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