10 Thursday ThingsOnMyMind

1. What is up with “natural mothering”? I am all about saving the planet, but upon picking up (by chance) an issue of “Mothering” magazine, I was shocked at the overt proselytizing tone which permeated the pages. Attachment parenting, baby-wearing, eco-friendly packaging and bottles and toys and clothing, natural homebirths…People get so irate about the “right” way to parent- but it seems to me that even these greenmommies need to be a little more open-minded to those of us who, after doing the research, make a decision other than theirs.

2. Circumcision. To bris or not to bris, one might say. I’m not Jewish, but there seems to be a trend in NOT circumcising baby boys, especially in the aforementioned category of mommies. Anyone have any strong feelings on this one? I have to say I’m ambivalent, and have seen research on both sides of the fence. Hmmm….

3. Barack Obama. I am assured that he will be our next president. I have to say I’m not as appalled as I probably should be, as a conservative. I’d rather have him and his bigmouth wife than Hillary and her bigmouth husband.

4. Baby showers- a lady in my church has offered to throw me a shower (after my last post- eep- though I don’t think she read it!). When it rains it pours. I am listening, God! I get it, ok??? Thanks already. Gratefulness abounds (and hopefully the petit-fours, too!).

5. What is UP with pregnant womens’ sinuses? Is this one of those wierd side effects no one told me about? Boogers and goo and all sorts of nasal partying going on. The potential for rhino-embarassment has never been higher.

6. Cuban black beans and rice are just about the most fabulous cold-weather dinner I can think of. Except for chili. And shrimp-corn chowder from Los Hermanos. And Krispy Kreme donuts.

7. A totally-unknown-to-me-even-by-sight Chinese woman walks up to me in Publix and informs me I’m having a boy. Something to do with the way I lead with my right foot. A student in one of my classes confirms this, saying “It’s in your face”. ???Huh???

8. Is anyone else as chipper as I am about the new Dwell Studio line at Target? Along side Babylicious, I think the future clothing and surroundings of my Bump are well secured. I especially like the Alphabet line.

9. Is it bad to use the fact that one is 7 months pregnant as an excuse to get a closer parking spot? Kroger doesn’t seem to think so, but I am all up on that one, viewing it as some sort of constitutional right. I might just stop going to my lovely ethnic Publix just to park in those Pampers Mommy-to-Be spots. So SUE me. I look like a teletubby.

10. Rain! Love it. Time for some tea and a few of those Krispy Kremes.

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