Wipe, runny, lubricant, and others…

So the most ‘eeewww’-inducing word for me is wipe. Drew Barrymore’s is moist, and I’m pretty sure Spitzer’s is sensual companion.

It seems like these associations should have some grand psychological explanation, but more often than not, they are simply the products of an experience which, because of its intensity or memorability, are engrained in our lexicon. This experience, while all-encompassing at the time, is generally later looked back upon as less than significant.

Maternity underwear. Creamed corn. Smear. Vernix.

Maternity underwear because- really. Have you experienced the ego crash that is shopping for special underwear because those cute little lacy things you got less than a year ago for your lingerie shower are cutting off the circulation to your legs? Me…neither…(*ehem*). Creamed corn– which I happen to love, but this one is my mom’s. During her pregnancies she couldn’t stand the sight of it, and it has thus taken up residence (30 years later) in her list. Smear because other than peanut butter, do you really smear anything good? I’ll let you look up vernix. Let’s just say it’s one of those beautiful things about childbirth.

My sister works in a vet clinic. Anal glands. I kid you not that this is something that needs to be manually emptied on various animals. She has the great honor of attending to them. I definitely get the nose-crinkle on hearing that phrase.

So…what’s on your list?

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2 Responses to Wipe, runny, lubricant, and others…

  1. dobeman says:

    HA HA HA! I have a large Weimeraner who has constant…um…anal gland issues. It is quite possibly the foulest smell on earth and one weekend, after having locker her away and STILL not being able to escape the smell, or being able to get her to the vet, I donned some rubber surgical gloves, reached in there and cleaned them myself.

    Yes folks, you haven’t lived till you’ve probed your pet.


  2. evenshine says:

    You’re braver than I am….yeesh. My sister goes home covered in the stuff, usually making a beeline for the washer/dryer. Maybe I haven’t lived, but I think I’ll be ok without that experience under my belt….too bad, cause I love Weimeraners!

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