Maundy on my mind

The partially shaven cat my sister brought home from the vet. Imagine a cat with no pants on and you’ve basically got the image.

The large, veiled Muslim computer whiz here at work who wears Adidas and floats around the lab.

My daughter’s singing “in Spanish”- sounding something like “fala- chila- mashini- cocooooooo”….

The way my mood seems to lighten whenever it gets above 65 degrees.

COBRA for the two months I’m not officially teaching at my school this summer. To the tune of $2000. I’m NOT working- that’s the whole point! Where do they think people come up with this kind of money??? I’m not a trust-fund baby, either.

Crocus-es. Croci. Multiple crocus. You know, that flower that’s pushing up through the pinestraw everywhere.

What is it about Easter that makes us fly into a tailspin of buying fluffy, beribboned, or otherwise glittery and spangled things? Some disturbing connection with fecundity?

The noise the frogs make in the drainage ditch behind my house.

How many times in your life have you used the word “maundy”?

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