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I to the U, Part two

The day dawned, the light shone upon the earth, and I went this week to have my IUD inserted. *WARNING: the following post mentions parts of the female anatomy, reproductive choices, and procedures which may be unhealthy for sensitive groups. … Continue reading

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They’re still 2 sizes too small…

My 4-year-old, trying to convince me that she should wear the princess flip flops from last summer… A: But they fit me, Mommy! B: They’re a little on the small side, sweet pea. A: Yeah, but they’re a lot on … Continue reading

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So I found out yesterday that my job in academia will be nonexistent in the fall, due to lowered enrollment. Which means no benefits, and less money- they can still give me two classes, which equals part time. This is … Continue reading

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Bridging The Gap

As I have mentioned before, my better half and I practice two (similar but different) religions. We split time between the two churches, and, like many people with this issue, live daily with the balancing act that is required to … Continue reading

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I teach language in a university near where I live. Specifically, the ENGLISH language. In my current class (yeah, I’m teaching one month postpartum- but don’t get me started), we just looked at the word nuisance. It’s defined by Merriam-Webster … Continue reading

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