Huzzah for reproduction!

Working on very little sleep, so please to excuse my typing.  Lists are the friend of the sleep-deprived….so here’s my TOP 5 reasons that having a second child ROCKS.

5. You already have the gear. This is just theoretical in my case because I gave everything away after The Divine One was born, but we did have the crib and the stroller, big ticket items that I was glad not to have to buy again. This works especially well if the kids are the same gender and the first one is sufficiently older to not care so much about having the sibling wearing her much-loved and highly-esteemed Dora the Explorer Storybook Princess nightgown.

4. You know that poop comes in a myriad of shades and textures. How scary is it as a first time parent to see the multi-hued butt emissions that your newborn can produce? Thankfully, by the second time around you know (more or less) what’s normal and what is most definitely not.

3. You get to experience all the firsts again. The first smile is not lost on you, since you’re not insane like the first time. The first nursing is a pleasure, not a source of anxiety. The first poop is relished in its cuteness, not psychotically analyzed for normalcy (see #4).

2. Your other child’s reaction is priceless. Be it jealousy and tantrums or sweetness and eskimo kisses, your second child gives you an opportunity for many a “teachable moment” with your first. The Divine Miss A is incredibly entertaining with The New One…”mommy, look! I changed his diaper!!”- as it hangs from one leg.

1. You know you’ll be OK. This is a major gap in a new parent’s knowledge, through no fault of their own. Even if everyone tells you so, the new parent is so psychotic and sleep-deprived and anxious that it’s hard to see anything beyond lactation, vaccinations and infant acne. By the second time around, you know it gets easier, more enjoyable, and that every stage is a new reason to love the amazing journey you get to take with this little piece of miracle. Will it be hard? Yes. Will you cry and doubt and wonder and lay awake nights worrying? Yes. But the crooked, gassy smile you get from the contented creature left (amazingly) in your care makes those nights worth it, somehow. And though I’m not anxious to reproduce again any time soon, I can see why people do this again and again…and again.

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One Response to Huzzah for reproduction!

  1. antropologa says:

    Very lovely and hopefully quite true. I’m still in no rush to do it again, though. 🙂

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