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I’ve noticed that apparently a number of people find my blog because of my birth control saga experience and the IUD information (ParaGard and Mirena) I’ve posted. This is surprising to me for a number of reasons, not the least … Continue reading

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WORK with me, people…

But what you don’t see is the process… All I can say is, thank the Good Lord for digital cameras. I can’t imagine how much film I would have wasted getting the first shot (and these are only a few … Continue reading

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Perpetual adoration

The outer door was propped open with an ancient wooden wedge, the interior doors shut so as to keep the AC inside. Passing through the interior doors, the narrow entryway was bathed in sunlight from the overhead windows. Silence reigned … Continue reading

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The Attentive Life

Among the various and sundry titles accompanying me lately (yes, I sandwich Vicky Iovine with Kazantzakis, Nouwen with Sproul), I’ve been reading a book by Leighton Ford called “The Attentive Life”. I happened upon it at my parents’ house recently, … Continue reading

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