Hooked on phonics…

(While completing a drawing activity with the letters of the alphabet)

A: OK, Mama, dooo-oone!

B: Yeah, but I’m not seeing the thing that starts with “F”. You were supposed to draw something with the letter “F”, remember? I see an O-cean and a SHH-ark and (I think?) a SSS-wimmer.

A: But Mama, I did!

B: Where?

A: See? Sur-FFFFFFFFF-ing.

We may still have some work to do.

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2 Responses to Hooked on phonics…

  1. antropologa says:

    Hey, it has the letter F in it, you gotta admit it!

  2. plozano76 says:

    I think your kid has moved past words that start with a certain sound, and onto words that have the sound IN them. That’s actually a lot harder for kids to find, so IMO your kid’s on the right track! If I were you, I’d encourage him to find the sounds anywhere in the word.

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