Am I missing something?

…or has the fine art of courteous interaction ceased to be an art and become a rarity- even a humorous one?

As you may have seen in earlier posts, I do navigate the waters of the blogosphere enough to read a little on my interests, namely: motherhood, Christianity, and language. And there is a plethora of pithy blogs in all three areas. I am by no means a superblogger, but I faithfully read my 15-20 favorites when they post. And, like most bloggers, I do like my soupcon of debate- especially in my three areas of interest.

Imagine, then, my consternation with those who cannot (or choose not to) abide by the rules of civilized interaction. I won’t give specific examples, since to do so would simply invite more debate (and no, I don’t mean the guys at The Black Cordelias) . One of the most refreshing things is to find an opponent who is not only worthy to debate, but does so in an educated, respectful way. All of the expletives in the world won’t hide the abyss of ignorance so proudly displayed by the average incendiary troll. What is truly a beautiful sight is the argumenteur par excellence (pardon my French) who can pick apart an argument to get to the root of the issue, without letting fly the emotional slings and arrows that so commonly inhabit the blogosphere. I make no claims to be such a person, only to be an admirer thereof. Rhology is one. And, paradoxically, so is Robert over at The Black Cordelias. Both avoid emotionalism, stick to the issues, and are assiduous in clarity. They are artists.

But sure, you could argue that blogs are “whatever their authors care for them to be”. I’m not arguing that all blogs should be debate-centered, or apologetic, or pedantic. Let’s just say I admire those who can discuss the issues with aplomb.

But I also love cute baby pictures.  Go figure.

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4 Responses to Am I missing something?

  1. markharrell says:

    Whoa! I so agree. It is so refreshing to find someone you can… if need be… disagree with agreeably. Your blog is like a whisper in the wind. We need to direct our “attacks” to the issue and not the person. I think Jesus is one of the greatest examples of when to stay calm, and when to show anger (and how).

  2. Rhology says:

    Je vous remercie beaucoup, c’est très gentil.

    Please pardon my French, it was my major à l’université. 🙂

    I appreciate your kind words. If you think to, please pray that I will be even kinder in my words. The blogosphere can get one all riled up if one is not careful. May the Lord protect all His who are bloggers.

    Grace and peace,

  3. “(and no, I don’t mean the guys at The Black Cordelias) .”


  4. evenshine says:

    Markharrell- I agree. I think ecumenism begins with the ability to entertain others’ ideas, not just put forth our own.

    Rho- Absolutely. I know how tough it can be- especially when dealing with religion.

    asimplesinner- hehe. Well, maybe a little….:)


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