Contraception, abortion, and guns, oh my!

So, yes, I’m going to blog about politics. This is SO not my milieu. But the fervor surrounding both the conventions and the nomination of a little-known governor from Alaska has inspired me. What can I say? Love me some contention.

I’ve been reading the blogs and people sure seem to get uppity about the candidates. Why do we take it so personally when candidates hold a differing view from us? I have never seen such righteous indignation pour forth across the blogosphere. I know, I know, it’s an election year, and such fervor is justifiable, I am sure, but it seems people sure get up in arms about what amounts to an emotional, irrational decision.

Has intelligent voting gone out the window? What is intelligent voting? If you were to ask someone on the street about their candidate, they are highly likely to tell you that they are voting on issues…abortion, gay marriage, or gun control. They are far less likely to mention social security or tax policy. And immigration has taken quite the back burner pending the election outcome, except, of course, on hispanic TV.  The candidates are sure quick to talk about it when being addressed by a reporter from Telemundo. You like abortion on demand? Vote liberal. You hate gays? Vote Republican. You want the government out of your house, car, body? Vote Libertarian.

I LOVE the hoopla surrounding Sarah Palin. Is the baby hers or her daughter’s? Does she contracept? Did her husband really have a DUI???? Liberals are suddenly conservative, and conservatives are finding it hard not to like her. It seems difficult to imagine another candidate who would have so successfully turned the spotlight backonto McCain’s campaign. I’m still weighing her credits, but she seems like a nice enough person.

…and there you go. Emotional and irrational. Should “nice enough person” be qualification enough to lead the country? Of course not. Fortunately in this country we are allowed choices. No Maos or Stalins for us…we get ELECTIONS. And maybe, if we get fired up enough, we might look a little more thoroughly at the candidates, making decisions not just on one issue but on the person as a whole, their record, and finally, only tangentially, the party. We might, in the end, vet our candidates a little more thoroughly than McCain did.

Here’s hoping. And yes, it springs eternal.

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2 Responses to Contraception, abortion, and guns, oh my!

  1. antropologa says:

    My problem is that, not being able to foretell the future, and not really trusting that much of what I read about the candidates, I find it hard to say who should really be in charge. So I’ll vote on a couple of key issues that get me fired up; makes it simpler for me, like I feel I actually have some real knowledge and control.

  2. evenshine says:

    I don’t think anyone expects you to “fortell the future”, but I think you’re right about the media and their spin on candidates. Maybe the best we can do is what you’re saying- vote on a few key issues. What I’m asking is: is that the best we can do?

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