This is your brain on Fall.

I have been so distracted by the weather lately that it’s been hard to focus on anything. This is my brain’s internal dialogue usually:

Dress kids… Prayer…Make coffee…Do Grades… Car needs oil change… Kiss husband… Dinner plans… Laundry… Project Runway… Church… Time for school…Checkups… (etc.)

This is my brain on Fall.

FAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!! LeavesLeavesLeavesWINDWHOOOOOSHHHHYummyyummyPUMPKIIIINNNS!SweaterbabytightsscarvesMOTHBALLScinnamonnutmegLEAVESLEAVESLEAVESwhooooooooshhhhhhhSQUASHbaby yeahhhhhhhhhPumpkin PIIIIIEEEEyummyyummyApplesWINDleavesleavesleavesWHOOOOOOSHHHHHH

So it’s been a little hard to concentrate. Does anyone else get this way about a specific time of year, or is it just me?

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2 Responses to This is your brain on Fall.

  1. antropologa says:

    It’s gorgeous. I regret every moment I am inside.

  2. erin says:

    i get more that way in the spring. sometimes i feel a little manic at that time of year- seriously. but fall makes me feel calm and makes me want to breath more deeply.

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