I KNEW I was feeling a little old school…

You’re St. Jerome!

You’re a passionate Christian, fiercely devoted to Jesus Christ and his Church. You are willing to labor long hours in the Lord’s vineyard, and you have little patience with those who are less willing or able to work as you do. Your passions often carry you into temptation zones of wrath, lust, and pride.

Find out which Church Father you are at The Way of the Fathers!

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2 Responses to I KNEW I was feeling a little old school…

  1. erin says:

    You are St. Justin Martyr!

    You have a positive and hopeful attitude toward the world. You think that nature, history, and even the pagan philosophers were often guided by God in preparation for the Advent of the Christ. You find “seeds of the Word” in unexpected places. You’re patient and willing to explain the faith to unbelievers.

    this was actually my second try b/c the first one didn’t fit me that well. this is more like it!

  2. evenshine says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t too happy with mine, either, but I couldn’t resist answering “How do you celebrate your birthday”? with “By debating a pagan”! Glad to know you got a good one…the “seeds of the Word” is especially true.

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