Bete noir: childcare

Parental cross to bear: childcare.

I have had my kids in childcare since I was a single mom, out of necessity. I wish I could be financially capable of staying home, but it’s not an option for us right now. My first childcare provider was a friend who watched St. Adelaide the Righteous for $5 an hour. She was doing me a favor.

Number 2 was referred by a friend, but her house smelled like dog and old food, and the kiddos were sick at least once every two weeks.

Number 3 is my current provider, an older lady with Pomeranians. She charges us whether we take the kids or not, gets paid 52 weeks a year even though she works 48, and requires payment a week in advance. She provides the food and diapers, but I’ve arrived at many different times and seen the kids parked in front of the TV, with her on the computer or phone.

So this weekend I had to look for a new place. I have some general criteria: flexibility, cleanliness, and lack of TV watching. You would think these would be givens. Yeah, not so much…

Number 4: middle aged lady with 25-year-old assistant, with an old house that she’s fixing up. She’s only been in business 3 months, but the house on the inside is clean, neat, and obviously well-planned for having kids around. No yard, though, and the neighborhood is questionable.

Number 5: nice lady, great space, but husband is a smoker and smokes inside the house. I’m not sure how someone can run a successful daycare with a smoker in the house (he apparently doesn’t work). This is a dealbreaker for me.

Is it so rare to find a stay-at-home mom, who’d like to take in a couple of extra kids 3 days a week, who doesn’t smoke and is favorable to cleanliness, has a back yard to play in, and is flexible about days off?

OOH OOH. I am SO going to use the poll feature for this one. Tell me what you think.

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4 Responses to Bete noir: childcare

  1. faemom says:

    Wow! That sucks. I remember discussing staying at home with my husband; he suggested the woman a few of his employees used. I pointed out it had a foul mouth three year old who used the words b correctly and all the time. I happened to take care of the said three year old as favor. He was able to use the word once before I came down as the wrath of god. When we finally decided I could stay at home, I had the pleasure of watching another child from the same child care facility. The one year old was so excited and happy that she didn’t have to stay in her pac-n-play and watch tv all day, she didn’t even take a nap, but she was as good as gold. Good help is hard to find. Good luck!!

  2. yeah I really feel for you. I had a montessori daycare that is 1300 a month lined up and ready to go and I couldn’t even do THAT! I have no idea how I would handle a person’s house I didn’t really KNOW/

    Good luck. I feel for you.

    Aren’t there any real daycare/\preschool like places?

  3. evenshine says:

    Mojavi- if you mean commercial daycares, I’m kind of morally opposed! Too many horror stories. And they get sick so often in those places. My preference is home daycare. And $1300 for Montessori??? Yikes.

  4. Childcare says:

    Out of all the choices, I would go with number 3. A garden is not everything, it would be nice.

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