Smack down


I blog fairly often about Catholic issues, as my husband is a card-carrying one, and my kids are at least half and half. But this surprises me.

The story’s about an RC priest who has asked his Obama-voting parishioners to abstain from the Eucharist (communion), as their actions “constitute material cooperation with intrinsic evil”.

If there’s one thing about the Catholic church, it’s that it keeps you guessing. Earlier in the year, Nancy Pelosi hung out a little with intrinsic evil and wasn’t given the spiritual foul sign. Now this, and I wonder how the Church might respond to this one small voice within its ranks.

Hard to know where to stand when the ground is shifting beneath you.

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8 Responses to Smack down

  1. Emily says:

    he can cause the church to lose tax exempt status. what he did is illegal.

  2. all religion forgot what it was about it seems,when i opened the sealed book in the revelations about daniel`s vision ahead.i quickly realized it is the story of us.i tested the book and reported the things i read,they happened as i read them.this is past bible is what the ancients knew.
    none will see the truth anymore because like your point,
    “Hard to know where to stand when the ground is shifting beneath you.”the truth is always best,your first thoughts on any subject are usually the correct ones.our leaders will not help you in the coming crises.they plan only on their family`s well being,but this fails also in the end.the galaxy`s are a far larger threat than mankind.right now we are ready to be hit hard with some nasty events.i have the time line.i tell you this much.the true garden of eden is here on earth right in the middle of the most beautiful valleys and mountains of america.a huge event is brewing in a nearby mountain.bad ,very bad event ,i have to warn all of earth of this,but who can drop the dollar long enough to see we are ready to have to evacuate our garden?none.the floods coming again along with major earthquakes ,like ten plus ect… believe this muct my friend.the bible was and is written as implied ,as hidden text says ,the end is troe,but it is sooner than later.this is my truth.

  3. Rhology says:

    I guess it’s possible his church could lose it, but they shouldn’t.
    On that issue, it’s like everyone gets free speech except churches and Christians.

    I applaud this guy’s actions. I can’t criticise the Roman church enough for wussing out on this very issue for decades and decades. It’s pathetic.

  4. antropologa says:

    I’ve heard of this going on. And you wonder why I dislike religion?

  5. faemom says:

    See, I felt the Catholic Church backed itself into a corner. If everyone would remember, the pope condemned the action of going to Iraq calling it an injust war and calling for the Catholics in the invading countries to stand up against it. So Catholics can’t vote for McCain. Oh, let’s not forget that Catholics are anti-death penalty, which is against another Republican platform. Obama is anti-war but is pro-choice, but the Catholic Church has taken the stance that pro-choice means pro-abortion (which I don’t know any pro-choicers out there that want more abortions), which means Catholics shouldn’t vote for Obama.

    I don’t believe that any priest can make the clam he knows what evil is when regarding your every day politicain. We can say Hitler, now he’s evil or Stalin, that guy was evil, but I don’t think Obama or McCain are evil. They’re men who are trying to decide what’s best for them and the country.

    So I think the Church should tell this priest he is beyond his juristiction because as I understand it bishops and higher have the ability to refuse the eucharist. I also think that canidates should be looked at beyond just one or two issues. There was a story run by a 112 year old American nun in Italy who cast her first ballot in 40 years for Obama feeling that he was the one who best fit her ideal in a president.

    I’m sorry I wrote so much. But I’m Catholic and upset that I can’t be both pro-choice and anti-abortion in the eyes of my church.

  6. erin says:

    i’m interested in what you mean about being both pro-choice and anti-abortion. i confess that i don’t really understand this statement, unless there is some kind of limit that you would place on one or both.
    i’m not trying to invite you, a stranger to me, into some kind of long-winded debate on this forum, but maybe understanding your point of view would enlighten me about those i do know who might identify themselves similarly.

  7. faemom says:

    I believe that our country is about having the freedom of choice. I believe that people should have a choice on what schools their children attend and the choice to buy a a handgun. We can choose our senator, our sherifs, our fast food, our jobs. Therefore as long as it is done safely and in the first trimester, I believe women can choose to have an abortion.
    I am anti-abortion because I believe they should be few and far between and very safe. I believe I do not have the power to choose for these women who feel they must go through this procedure that will leave emotional scars. I do not believe abortion should be used as a birth control, but I understand that these women make this hard choice through much soul searching. I’m sure there are a few women who don’t take it seriously, just like there are always bad apples, but I would perfer to give them the benefit of the doubt as I cannot see into their souls. Basically I see the issue as a shades of grey that we must have in a free society and allow God to judge them, not us.
    Sorry if that was long winded; just trying to make it clear.

  8. erin says:

    thanks for your thoughtful response.

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