crazy search terms

Ever look at your blog stats and the search terms people use to find your site? I do, just to see how people find me. It can be educational, to say the least. Behold my list, a la Mad Housewife, though hers are infinitely more chic than mine, along with my comments…

“why i left the catholic church surrogate”- well, she was just so whiny, and always complained of missing mass, so…

“term for never kiss on the mouth”- maybe fifty years, with a lenient judge and empathetic jury.

“giving kiss mouth to mouth cause pregnancy”- were we asleep in health class?

“addoration what does it mean”- adding up your ‘dorations

“paragard (spotting, breastfeeding, etc.)”- by far the most common terms used that find me. My posts on Paragard are infinitely interesting, apparently, even though I haven’t blogged about it in ages. And so I will be remembered for my choice of birth control. Nice.

“donuts mashini”- huh?

“miniquiches for kids”- kids eat quiche? Not in my universe. A good quiche is wasted on a toddler.

“pregnancy teaching hyperemesis”- I hear ya. I REALLY do.

“angelina jolie + normal mouth”- yeah, we’re all wondering where Angie’s normal mouth is.

“so sick of this election”-TGIO. Let’s see what the newbie can do. Impress us! Make it work!

“nice chalupas”-why, thank you.

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5 Responses to crazy search terms

  1. colorblindcupid says:

    I love doing these things. Some of the stuff people search for just blows my mind. Very funny. 🙂

  2. badmommymoments says:

    Two of my favorites terms that people search for and wind up on my site – on a daily basis, mind you:

    1) perv sites (sorry to disappoint you guys and shame on you at the same time)

    2) dog humps woman (…guess that must be a wide-spreading epidemic. How has FoxNews not picked up on this yet?)

  3. evenshine says:

    cbc- I know, and these are just the best, mind you.

    bmm- BAD mommy! BAD!

  4. faemom says:

    Who would force their kid to eat mini quiches? Really that’s just a miserable dinner time of arguing over that they have to eat. Give the kid a hot dog.

    And I love that stats thing; I always want to write to these people and ask if my site was helpful or With the whole “mom” in the blog name, why did you think it would help, acaia berry searchers?

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