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The difficulty of diversity

R and I have been talking about St. Adelaide the Righteous’ schooling for this coming year. She’ll be entering Kindergarten, so we’re faced with that age-old and probably over-debated question of public vs. private. I’m not in the mood to … Continue reading

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Shmoo mear

New Year has always seemed like an unwelcome addendum to me. After the great climax that is Christmas et al, the celebrations of the New Year are like aftershocks. Or leftovers. New Years is the turkey sandwich of holidays. The day-old cut … Continue reading

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What heaven sounds like

Take ten minutes and listen to this motet by Thomas Tallis. Forty voices, no instruments. The words are below in Latin, and begin with “I have never put my hope in another, God of Israel”. Nice moments at 2:14, 2:33, … Continue reading

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The smiling angel made me cry

From the blog of awesomeness that is New Wineskins. Speaking of feeling less than intelligent, Ultraguy does that for me in spades. Merry Merry…

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Good stuff (aka sparse Christmas posting)

A bloggy friend, badmommymoments, who comments here as ck, wrote a really great post on the birth. You know, The Birth. If you don’t go in for that sort of thing, read it anyway. It’s genuine writing, even if you … Continue reading

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Well, butter my crumpets and call me George

I just had to share the joy that is Dorothy Sayers. And I’m not a Brit, so for those of you across the pond, my humblest. I grew up in British schools overseas, so my early education was thorough and … Continue reading

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Sari Bari

I was so excited that I had to post again…my Sari Bari baby blanket came today and it’s fabu. And I don’t use that word lightly. Sari Bari is an organization located in Kolkata, India, that works to get women affected … Continue reading

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