Correction, or, let’s agree to disagree

Enough immigration for a few days. I’m reading a few things and want to digest the issues before I post on it again, but I was thinking about the larger issue of right vs. wrong. (I know- happy Thursday, have some existential philosophy).

A commenter once asked, “Why does anyone need to say ‘You’re wrong’? Can’t we just agree to disagree?” And KathyB! mentioned that, in conversations with her 5th grader, sometimes it’s just hard to tell which is right and which is wrong. Our current social ideaology would have us believe that right and wrong are dependent solely on your point of view. We don’t like correction, do we?

Isn’t this quest (that we all face, to some exent) magnified greatly when one has kids? Certainly there are some issues about which the *right* answer matters little: shall I have a mochaccino or a vanilla latte? Should the Christmas lights go across the balcony or around the door?- decisions based ultimately on preference. And the parental “because I said so” only goes so far (in my experience, age 3).

But things get a little dicier when dealing with moral or ethical decisions, and this area is where many people are more likely to say, “well, it’s all relative”, or “that’s your belief, not mine”.  As if moral and ethical decisions should be based on preference.

But that’s just what it does come down to, without some kind of base to determine right from wrong. People might differ on what that base is, but they all have it. Even the atheist has a moral or ethical framework of some kind, some way of saying “this is black, and this is white, and this? Is grey.”

So as we talk about immigration, we have to take into account these preferences. If you believe that all humans should have the opportunity to work and support their kids (even if they have to be criminals to do it), then you probably favor an open borders policy. If you believe that unchecked criminal activity is ultimately detrimental to our country, and that no cultural diversity is worth your kid getting drug-resistant TB from an unvaccinated alien, then you might fall on a more cautious side.

I don’t think there are easy answers. I certainly don’t have them. But then again, I invite correction, because I do believe that right and wrong exist.

Too somber for a Thursday? Don’t worry, I’ll post some cute baby pictures.

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5 Responses to Correction, or, let’s agree to disagree

  1. antropologa says:

    I’m not sure it’s always possible to translate beliefs like these into comprehensive social policies. This is why we elect people who have or can find people who have expertise in these matters. 🙂

  2. I’ve read this post three times, and I am still not sure what I think, other than it’s shocking to recognize how complicated and yet pressing the issue is!

  3. evenshine says:

    antropologa- aye, there’s the rub. unfortunately these topics are all messily tied up with our sense of right and wrong, which is why i posted what i did. good luck finding ANY elected official that doesn’t operate based on some system of beliefs…and, would we even want that if we had it?

  4. evenshine says:

    ov- yeah, it’s complicated, but that shouldn’t keep us from thinking about it and acting on it. i think most americans would just like to see this problem (of immigration) go away, which is why we turn our heads when needing a babysitter or lawn care worker.

  5. faemom says:

    I guess this is where we make a compromise?

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