I need some advice, o sage Internet. I have fallen deeply into the rut that is Mom hair.  It’s long, it’s generally unwashed (except for 3 days a week when I have to go out in public), and usually up in a chip clip. (Not…literally, you know, not one of these.) Of a nondescript brown. Thick and can be curly if I take enough time on it. Mostly just hovering around wavy. Mostly blegh.

So here’s how I look now (more or less):


No, that’s not me. I think it’s a guy. But the hair is close.

But I am tired of simply putting it back and not dealing with it. And looking like I just don’t want to deal with it. I’d rather look like this:


The HAIR, I mean. Not the chisled jawline or scary man-body.

Or, if I were really cool and fancy free, I’d like this:


Again, focus on the HAIR, not the other endowments. Of course I lack the live-in stylists and the ability to pay $600 for a haircut (not to mention the silicone). But I swear I was in the bathroom with a pair of scissors the other day, and this great impulse came over me to just SNIP. Usually a sign that it’s time for a cut. And I don’t want to look like I’ve just realized I’m 30 and a mother of two and look like it. Cause…I’m…not…

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Votes?

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8 Responses to Sniptastic

  1. Emily says:

    oh, thank goodness. for a moment i thought that first one really was you and i almost wept.

  2. faemom says:

    You need to find a good stylist/ hair person to cut your hair. Tell them what you do and what you want to look like. Get recomendations. Keep trying new people until you get the one you like.

    I have the luck. The first time I met mine and told her I wanted simple layers and that I wear my hair in a pony tail due to two very small children. She asked, why layer. Smart girl. Of course I want to look nice with it down too, and she cuts it to make it easy on me.

    Good luck!

  3. antropologa says:

    I think your hair looks nice now, but everybody needs a change sometimes. I think a bob would be good.

  4. Mary-LUE says:

    If you have wave, I would recommend longer layers… then you can gel it up and diffuse it when you want to let it go or put on straightening stuff or use a flat iron when you want the shiny, straight tresses.

  5. ck says:

    I have curly hair too and it would look kinda like that photograph if i combed it out after it was dry.

    Consider looking for someone who specializes in curly hair. I always blew mine out (it took forever and I no longer have forever for myself) until I found someone who could cut my hair to make my curls actually look good. Now I only have to put some product in it right out of the shower (no hair dryer) and it looks great.

    (I’ve never said that about my hair before…btw. I also never thought I’d love it curly, but the stylist made all the difference.)

  6. erin says:

    hair! the great renewable resource! just do whatever, including a little experimentation of your own. as long as you don’t cut it really short, it can be fixed, and even if you do, it’ll grow back!
    i like to look at those hairstyle magazines for inspiration, then take the picture to a stylist. actually, i have some that i was looking at recently that are longer, wavy bobs, that i was wishing i had the waves for. might work for you!

  7. erin says:

    oh, and you look NOTHING like that first picture!

  8. I have curly hair, too, and I still haven’t found anyone who can cut it well. Despite that, I somehow let myself be talked into layers every so often, and then I spend months growing them out. In fact, those are my two styles: (1) all-one-length, just past my shoulders and (2) growing it back from long layers. But my hair is weird bc when it’s longer, it’s more wavy than curly but when it’s short, it’s more curly than wavy (and I always forget that it’s going to boing up a lot when I go shorter). Ok, I don’t know why I’m blathering on about *my* hair, so I’ll just say this: Just Go For It! Whatever you want in your heart of hearts.

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