What heaven sounds like

Take ten minutes and listen to this motet by Thomas Tallis. Forty voices, no instruments. The words are below in Latin, and begin with “I have never put my hope in another, God of Israel”. Nice moments at 2:14, 2:33, 4:55, and 7:25.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Spem in alium numquam habui praeter in te
Deus Israel
qui irasceris
et propitius eris
et omnia peccata hominum in tribulatione dimittis
Domine Deus
Creator coeli et terrae
respice humilitatem nostram.
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4 Responses to What heaven sounds like

  1. How gorgeous and lush! (And did you just write the lyrics yourself? I mean, you should get a Latin award.)

  2. (I meant: write down, just from listening, the lyrics.)

  3. faemom says:

    that was beautiful. thank you for posting it.

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