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At a loss for words

I don’t even know what to say about this. Having been a single mom (of ONE) I can’t even fathom the courage (or? something else?) of bringing eight babies into an already large family. Her decision not to selectively abort … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Watch

One of the blogs I follow recently had a “conversation” (and I use that term loosely) about the c-word. Don’t worry, I won’t get into it. Already dealt with that one, anyway. I was struck most┬áby the overwhelming number of … Continue reading

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(Scene: a busy banking center, midafternoon. A teller, smelling headily of cigarettes and perfume, nods to the next person waiting in line- Yours truly.*) Me: Hi. I’d like to deposit this check. Heady teller: Um…it’s not in your name. Me: … Continue reading

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Love Song #6

Your breath is inaudible and your eyelids twitch every few seconds. We are warm, covered, home. I wonder what’s going on in that busy brain, now settled, relaxed. Today you saw things you had never seen. Today you did things … Continue reading

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Shame, shame

We know your name. Noteworthy is the lack of fanfare. Everything else has been so trumpeted, even the “just to be sure” ceremony to retake the oath of office. Please explain to me, Mr. Obama, how funding abortions helps lower … Continue reading

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