Shame, shame

We know your name.

Noteworthy is the lack of fanfare. Everything else has been so trumpeted, even the “just to be sure” ceremony to retake the oath of office.

Please explain to me, Mr. Obama, how funding abortions helps lower the numbers of abortions- which you told us you would do. Or how abortions really protect children.

And you think I’m hardcore? Check out New Wineskins’ thoughts.

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5 Responses to Shame, shame

  1. If the funding was directed more toward preventing unwanted pregnancies than aborting a child that is already here, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. As soon as something becomes inconvenient, people want to eliminate it to make their own lives “all better.” Even if it means killing someone, then pretending it’s not killing.

  2. ultraguy says:

    I’m hardcore… Yes!!! Thank you. 🙂

    Here’s the thing: Ten years ago I was on the opposite side. And even as recently as three or four years ago, I was an agnostic waffler on this issue. The Holy Spirit is like water on stone… wearing away inexorably.

  3. evenshine says:

    Ultraguy- I hear ya. Can I ask what your agno-argument was in favor of abortion? The only conversation I’ve had with an atheist on this ended with the atheist acknowledging that abortion was, in fact, the unjustified taking of human life. The general trend seems to be to weigh things heavily in favor of the mother’s “rights”. Something along those lines?

  4. ultraguy says:

    My agno-argument wasn’t really an argument at all in the logical or moral sense, but rather a selfish, unthinking reaction to what I IMAGINED were relativist arguments trying, arrogantly, to impose their moral reasoning on me and the rest of society for reasons I could not discern.

    Once God came into the picture and the tide of my relativistic world view began to recede, little things began to pick at my conscience: having kids, observing as other people had kids (and abortions) and where each of those roads took them, spiritually and emotionally.

    Apologies on the long delay in replying! I love the new look of your blog.

  5. Evenshine says:

    UG- thanks, thought I’d change things up a bit. The picture’s from Iquitos, Peru, where I lived for a while.

    I’ve noticed that many (if not most) agno-arguments stem from some knee-jerk emotional response, but few are able to thoroughly articulate beyond that. Few, as well, understand the consequences of a worldview that allows us to kill our own children. I’m interested in the research into psychological effects of abortion, though precious little hits the news.

    Thanks for the comments.


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