As she heaves herself out of bed to blog…

I have been violently sick for the past 5 days, as has everyone in my immediate vicinity.

And it’s only partially because of this.

Excuse me while I down five more Tylenol. And have delirious nightmares involving people with half-Obama faces.

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8 Responses to As she heaves herself out of bed to blog…

  1. ink says:

    Hope you feel better soon (I’m sort of mesmerized by those photos, btw…so bizarre).

  2. KathyB! says:

    Yep, those pictures are a little… off?! Combine that with a fever and you could have some earth shattering dream experiences.

    Take care of yourselves and feel better soon. If it’s any consolation there’s all sort of nasty stuff going around. At least you’ve got it out of the way…

  3. erin says:

    get better soon!!! kisses to everyone! you might as well, since you’re all germy anyways.

  4. Those pictures can induce fevers too, hope you feel better soon

  5. Emily says:

    how totally bizarre. hope you’re better soon!

  6. Ari says:

    Bizarro…..sorry to hear you feel like dookie-get well soon!

  7. ck says:

    I’m a few days behind in my blog reading…I hope you’re feeling better now!

  8. ultraguy says:

    Hope yer better by now…
    “See Obama in yourself”… yikes! I thought such wording was reserved for spiritual beings like demons. Maybe it still is. =:-o

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