SHOCKING. Well, not really.

Obama breaking campaign promises? NO. WAY.

I especially like the quote from White House Chief of Staff Emanuel: “We inherited this deficit and we inherited $4 trillion of new debt,” Emanuel said. “That is the facts.”

That is the facts, ladies and gents, that is the facts.

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One Response to SHOCKING. Well, not really.

  1. KathyB! says:

    What really chaps my hide is the fact that politicians in general seem to promise the sun, moon and stars knowing full well they either can’t deliver or will have to go back on said promises. I feel as though, many times, it’s a free-for-all just to get into office. Only when they get in do you get a glimpse of the true agenda.

    I’m ranting generally here and actually digging at some NC politicians. Sorry to go off topic.

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