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Bringin’ home the bacon

So, have you caught the swine flu mania yet? I arrived at St. A’s preschool yesterday to a sea of tots diligently beginning the day by scrubbing in. Egypt has doomed its eco-friendly porcines to an untimely slaughter, and they’re … Continue reading

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Take 5

You’ll be glad you did. Have a lovely Thursday.

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What’s your blogging problem already, v.2

For the first paean to blogging psychosis, try here. Bloggy problem #4- The give and take. As several people mentioned, blogging is interactive. Without the give and take, the medium doesn’t accomplish one of the primary purposes of blogging, which … Continue reading

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Beacuse you are One

…today I will sing you birthday songs in every language I know. I will kiss you more often, though even now you hardly hold still for it. I will not fret about the freezy-pop juice on your shirt, or the … Continue reading

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A lovely flower blooms in America

…and it’s called narcissism. GREAT piece from Newsweek on the Culture of Me that has developed in our proud country. Interesting that it comes on the heels (heels! get it?!) of the Miss USA and Nuestra Belleza Latina pageants. And … Continue reading

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