What’s your blogging problem already?

Hi, my name is Evenshine and I’m a blogger.

(Hi, Evenshine!)

I’m neurotic when it comes to blogging. To a certain extent, it comes with the territory. My lovely blogging friend with the fabulous shoes, Amy at Milk Breath and Margaritas, recently did an insightful post on the inherent narcissism in blogging.  Which got me thinking.

Which is always disastrous.

I have a number of bloggy problems. I’ll be posting on them in the next few days, time and my kids willing. Suffice it to say that blogging would be great if everyone thought like me (and why shouldn’t they??). But part of this gorgeous, distorted world is that people seldom react with the precision of robots. Or the emotional maturity of an adult. Including me.

Bloggy problem 1: I won’t leave comments if you have more than, say, ten already. I figure that you’re already feeling the love, and anything I say will likely be a fantasia on a tune already sung. Horribly unnecessary and slightly annoying. Do you really need another “Me too! Me too!”? But the fewer comments you leave, the less people visit your blog. What’s a girl to do?

Bloggy problem 2: I’m much less likely to read it if it’s more than five paragraphs. I know. You’re counting my paragraphs right now. Don’t get me wrong, if it’s lengthy, I’ll skim it, and if it looks earthshatteringly inflammatory, then I’ll go back and read it. I also save posts for later when I’m not raising my children teaching class grading papers busy. But applying this to my own writing? Pshaw.

Bloggy problem 3: If you link, link wisely. Some bloggers I read link every other word, forcing you to follow rabbit holes into the blogosphere. While I might check out where the link goes, I’m usually not willing to click on it unless it’s a link to fabulosity itself. Which is as rare as a one-paragraph blog post.

…and this is only a tiny dip into the well of Evenshine’s blogging neurotics. What about you? What’s your blogging problem?

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22 Responses to What’s your blogging problem already?

  1. Hee hee. That post was more than 5 paragraphs I bet! Thanks for the link!

    I also will not leave a comment if there are a lot- more than 30 or so – unless I just have to say something. It does feel redundant.

    I rarely follow embedded links, which is related to my biggest problem – Time. I barely have time to write on my own blog, much less read and comment a lot of other places. I’ve got way too much in my Reader, even after deleting things just this week. And blogging is reciprocal – so if I can’t read and comment, my blog plateaus and stops growing.

    Which in the end is OK with me because I’m not trying to monetize or anything. But sometimes I feel like if I had more time, I’d be able to write more of the good stuff that’s in my head and the blog would grow and that would just be so much fun. But there is not that much time available for blogging.

  2. Gibby says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with blogging neurosis! When I do decide to comment, I stress over getting my point across in the right way. Then I wonder, is it funny enough? Smart enough? Relevant enough? If I just wrote the first thing that came to mind, I would have that much more time to read other blogs.

    (This comment only took me 2.2 seconds.)

  3. ck says:

    Mine: I will (do my best to) read one blog per person on my blog roll each day. If you blog 2 or 3 times per day, you’ll have my jealousy, but that’s about it.

  4. faemom says:

    Great post. I tend to want to read so many more posts and blogs than I have time for, and if I forget to go to someone’s post for a while I feel bad. It’s getting to the point now that I don’t have time to find new blogs because I’m trying to keep up with all my favorites. Then I don’t have time to do important things that I should be doing when the boys sleep. It’s a vicious cycle.

  5. antropologa says:

    I read a lot more than I comment, but it depends on how tired/busy/whatever I am, too. Um…my main problem is when people have poor writing skills. Sometimes I skim but mostly not.

  6. KathyB! says:

    Problem #1: I agree and disagree. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS COMMENT ON MY POSTS. The reason you should comment on mine? There are certain bloggers who I feel are part of my core; people who read my blog when almost no one else did. I feel as though I have a personal friendship with those people (I know that’s lame, but it’s just how I am!) and I can’t be your bloggy buddy if you don’t comment. And heaven knows I don’t write the thought provoking stuff, so there’s a good chance for comment redundancy!

    If you are a random blogger that I rarely read then this comment rule does not apply!

    Problem #2: I firmly agree. Unless you are writing a dissertation you can certainly come to the point with much, much less detail.

    Problem #3: Link very wisely. I try to be judicious with this. I don’t think many people ever follow the links unless you promise it will be brilliant or… something.

    Problem #4: Comments received. If someone comments are you then obligated to read and comment on their blog? What if they are regular commenters but you don’t like their blog?!

    Problem # 5: Awards! The rules drive me crazy but I am such a rule follower that I get psychotic if I disobey them… So I sit on them 🙂

    Does this count as five paragraphs?! Are you still reading ?!?!

  7. Ink says:

    Oh, such a great topic–and loved reading all your comments.

    (And KB, I have to apologize–I, for one, have stopped leaving regular comments at your place because you have so many already that I often feel like I was just repeating what they said. But I still read and adore you!)

    Racing off to work but will try to formulate a response before too long. I’m riddled with blogging neuroses for sure!

  8. evenshine says:

    Ink- re: KathyB! SAME HERE. Sorry, KB, but when so many people began to comment on your blog, it made me less likely to do so. Not that you’re not great- you are- but with so many commenters, it’s tough to be heard. Still a faithful reader, though!

  9. KathyB! says:

    You turkeys! But it’s your comments that I *look* for… my bloggy friends! I love all the comments (don’t get me wrong — my ego needs regular care and feeding), but the ones that I really put stock in are from the people that I’ve connected with. So many of those other commenters will never be heard from again… Clearly, I’m not articulating this well 🙂

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  11. Ink says:

    Hi Evenshine: I realized that I had a LOT of blogging problems, so I went ahead and posted them over at my place rather than hijack your thread. Looking forward to reading the rest of your thoughts as promised over here!

  12. Court says:

    I love number one, though I think my number is like twenty. Then some sites I got to they have like hundreds of comments and part of me wants to post something silly just to see if they actually read them all. Who has time to read hundreds of comments every day? I guess they have their ‘assistant’ do it. Must be good to be that popular!

  13. evenshine says:

    Court- I know what you mean. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. tlc says:

    Totally agree with all three bloggy problems!!

    I am forever trying to figure out when some bloggers find the time to post daily AND comment on 50+ blogs per day themselves. I wish I were that efficient…

  15. ymK says:

    I agree with tlc! Its hard work posting every day, AND reading and commenting on your fav. posts.

    MY problem is, I almost always leave a comment if I read something and I enjoy reading it. Its good, but it takes more time, than just reading and carrying on with your life.

    I have a few blogs that I check regularly. Relapse symptoms start showing if I don’t go to those blogs everyday, and I leave comments. (Kathy B- I leave comments on your posts even if I am number 59 to do so!! I love your blog) But now I am trying to schedule my days, so that I post one day, and read /comment the next? I am not doing very well with housework, and kids, and LIFE otherwise you all! But that means I have to read two posts by each blogger on that day. Yikes.

  16. ymK says:

    Also, when you get a chance come and sign a petition at my blog.
    Its the Petition to Pee in Peace. An attempt to keep kids out of the bathroom while you are in it. Every sign counts.

  17. ymK says:

    FYI the 3 blogs I HAVE to visit every day are ck’s, gibby’s and kathy B’s.

  18. Gibby says:

    ymK, thanks for a) reading me and b) putting me in such great company, as I think we all love KB! and ck. Evenshine, I love that you started this conversation. I am so glad to know I am not alone in my bloggy problems. I WISH I could read all the blogs that I want to, but time does not permit. Also, sometimes I read blogs but don’t necessarily comment, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the post or relate to it, it just means that my fried mommy-brain is done for the day. Sigh. I think we all know that we admire one another’s talents, views of their own world, and if it wasn’t for these blogs, we would miss out on all of that!

  19. Ink says:

    RE: your comment at my place, Evenshine: I answered on my blog because my response was long. And I thought CK was joking that she was going to link to me and get more comments. But then when I saw your comment this morning, it made me rethink what she said, that maybe it wasn’t a joke, after all (CK? Need input…)? I’m confused now!

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