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Something I’ve been thinking about…

Seriously. R and I are talking pretty seriously about the A word, possibly from Ethiopia or Colombia. We have so very much. Thinking.

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Comin’ out of the dark…

Been quiet around these here parts lately, and by these parts I mean my blog. THESE parts (gesturing to myself as I sit in front of a computer) not so much… So, quick recap: I finished a session at one … Continue reading

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Can’t rush evolution, now, can we?

This article made me chuckle. Gay rights groups are getting a little impatient with President McDreamy, as he hasn’t even addressed the GLBT community yet during his administration, except to make a small, offhand joke about “making it official” with … Continue reading

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HELP, O wise and portentous internet! I have a dilemma. A conundrum. A paradox. I am in a pickle. Help a girl out, will ya? I currently teach at two universities- part time. For the fall semester, I was hoping … Continue reading

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The part of the show where I bang my head against the wall

Student From Afar: Teacher, I forget my homework. Teacher: You forgot your homework. SFA: Yes. Yes. I can give to you tomorrow? Teacher: Well, the syllabus says- you remember the syllabus? The paper I gave you the first day? It … Continue reading

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