The part of the show where I bang my head against the wall

Student From Afar: Teacher, I forget my homework.

Teacher: You forgot your homework.

SFA: Yes. Yes. I can give to you tomorrow?

Teacher: Well, the syllabus says- you remember the syllabus? The paper I gave you the first day? It has the directions and rules for the class?- it says that I don’t take late work.

SFA: …

Teacher: Understand?

SFA: …

Teacher: So that means that it is too late to turn in your homework. Too late to give me your paper.

SFA: …

Teacher: TOO. LATE. NO. PAPER.

SFA: But I can give homework tomorrow? Next class.

Teacher: No. Today was the day for your paper.

SFA: Tomorrow.

Teacher: No, today.

SFA: But I can bring paper tomorrow. Yes?

Teacher: No. I mean, yes. Bring paper to class. You need paper for my class. But it is too late for your homework.

SFA: I can bring tomorrow. Yes.

Teacher: Yes. No.

SFA: Yes.

Teacher: Have a nice day.

SFA: Yes. Tomorrow I bring homework.

Teacher: …

SFA: You takes care.

Teacher: Take care.

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10 Responses to The part of the show where I bang my head against the wall

  1. faemom says:

    LOL I’m glad it’s you and not me.

  2. antropologa says:

    What gets me is that in Sweden, I will be the SFA.

  3. Ink says:


    Well, at least tomorrow, when you are handed the homework, you can have this conversation.

    Student (handing you late work): “Dr. Evenshine, here is my late work.”
    You (looking it over): “Wow! Nice work!”
    Student: “Ok, so you will grade it, right?”
    You (handing it back): “No, I’m sorry, but as we discussed, I don’t take late work. Thanks for showing it to me, though! I really enjoyed seeing it.”
    Student: …

  4. insider53 says:

    Kind of like talking to a post. Bet you he forgets tomorrow too.

  5. Evenshine says:

    Ink- HA! And student bangs head against wall.

  6. ck says:

    You should bring a recycling bin to the next class and post a note requesting him to place his homework inside of it.

  7. evenshine says:

    ck- HA!

  8. KathyB! says:

    So, did SFA get it the next day when you said, “No…”

  9. Gibby says:

    Oh dear, now I am banging my head against the wall!

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