Can’t rush evolution, now, can we?

This article made me chuckle. Gay rights groups are getting a little impatient with President McDreamy, as he hasn’t even addressed the GLBT community yet during his administration, except to make a small, offhand joke about “making it official” with a male colleague.

More chuckle-worthy is the consternation of these groups over his position, which was reversed. Apparently Mr. Obama was in favor of same-sex marriage sometime around 1996, but has since made a U-turn. One wonders why, especially since he’s liberal even for his party.

But now, pro-gay friends and neighbors are hoping “his position will evolve“, and reflect the values of  the next generation.


He evolved before, right? And that wasn’t ok. But now he needs to evolve again- just in the correct direction. Oh, that pesky evolution. So hard to predict! So hard to control! You never know what you’ll end up with when you pin your hopes on a theory.

Here’s hoping he waits for a few millenia before he evolves again.

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5 Responses to Can’t rush evolution, now, can we?

  1. insider53 says:

    As he was not my first choice for a democratic candidate but I did vote for him in the election, I am on a wait and see policy. I figure after the first year the honeymoon will be over and we will all have a better idea of who he is and what he wants for this country. After all he can’t do much worse than the last 11 presidents I have watched do what they felt was best for this country.

  2. Politicians love their waffles. 🙂

  3. Ink says:

    He did just name June Pride Month–Annie Em posted the press release here .

    With all due respect, I support McDreamy. The current trend to scoff at him seems kind of premature–he hasn’t even been president for a year yet! Maybe the country could give him some time before slamming him for “not following through.”

  4. KathyB! says:

    This is where I ultimately lose faith in politics. So many go in as one person and are spit out of the machine a completely different person. So much pressure to bow to polls and focus groups rather than staying true to the person that they were in the beginning. This has nothing to do with Obama’s current predicament and whether I agree with it… and more to do with the fact that politics seems, inevitably, to change the person and make them less true to their original person — regardles of political persuasion…

  5. Ink says:

    Evenshine, where are you? We miss you! Come back soon!

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