Comin’ out of the dark…

Been quiet around these here parts lately, and by these parts I mean my blog. THESE parts (gesturing to myself as I sit in front of a computer) not so much…

So, quick recap:

I finished a session at one university and began a semester at another. The second one is the one who gave me the offer, which I have since declined, preferring instead to walk out on an insane branch of faith with the first institution. Though I declined the offer from the second place, I am still teaching, and will hopefully continue at least part time there. The first place should let me know within the next few weeks about the position there for the Fall, so…fingers crossed. Knock on wood. Stroke your rabbit foot…whatever.

My current class is a hellish four-night-a-week-for-three-hours one. It’s Cultural Anthropology, though, so high interest, both for me and for the students. We watched “Whale Rider” the other day. They were weeping.

Da Fam is fine and St. Adelaide the Righteous is being shuttled from summer camp to VBS to trips with grandparents to various and sundry pools. She’s such a jet-setter. Isaiah the Prophet had his first haircut. I was weeping.

And moi? I continue to throw things at the TV when Obama comes on, or when Univision decides to blather about “anti-immigration groups”, and to watch what’s happening in Iran closely, and to wonder when the sky will fall.

So, all’s well. How’ve you been?

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9 Responses to Comin’ out of the dark…

  1. insider53 says:

    Welcome Back! Stroking my rabbits foot for you twice a day.

  2. Oh hi! I’ve been drinking. Google / Feedburner broke my blog feed so – not showing up in any Readers (if it shows it’s on a 12-18 delay) and that = no readers. I’ve been whining on Twitter about it and sobbing into my bourbon. I posted about bourbon. Not that anyone would know that thanks for nothing Google! ~wondering who to stab~

  3. AND I can’t even watch or listen to the news right now. I hate to be that way but I.just.can’t.

  4. KathyB! says:

    I was beginning to fear you’d fallen into a yawning hole of liberalism! What else could keep our dear Evenshine quiet for so long?!

    I wish you the best in your career endeavors. Sometimes a precarious leap of faith is the best course of action… Fingers crossed… I’ll stroke our pet rabbit/beaver who still has all four feet attached. Hopefully that will bring some luck!

  5. faemom says:

    Boy, your busy. Wait. I think it’s damn, your busy. Any ways. Good luck on the job opurtunity. And what’s up with Iran? I’m hoping for the best for their people.

  6. ultraguy says:

    re. “walk out on an insane branch of faith” — awesome! We should all apply this principle far more often where it matters.

    re. Isaiah… glad to hear he’s back. 😉 Could you please ask him about chapter 24 though?… it’s been weighing heavy lately.

    re. Obama on TV… throw a BRICK (at the TV) or buy a Tivo. The sewer pipe runs OUT for a reason.

  7. incognitomom says:

    Glad to see you back. I’ll rub the rabbit’s foot for you.

  8. Gibby says:

    We’ve missed you! But man, I am tired just reading about your work. You go, girl.

  9. Ink says:

    Yay! You’re back! Sounds like you are incredibly busy, though, and am hoping that you have a few moments of calm, at least, each day for rejuvenation purposes. Crossing my fingers for you re: the job!

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