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Quick update- Ohio, yes. By myself for now, familia coming in a few days. Homeless for the moment, but the quiet is surreal rather than comforting. Insider, I’m here for good! Thanks for missing me! I’m still reading blogs when … Continue reading

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Ok, some explanation about recent events. Remember the dilemma? Please to review. I’ll wait. Up to speed? OK. So Big State University is low on enrollment, and since I gave up the temporary, full-time offer they…um, offered, hoping for a … Continue reading

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Friday Haiku

Job prospects seem dim: Late offer fortuitous… Move by end of month???

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I was raised as a poor black kid

I’ve never liked The Jerk. There are some great moments, and I’d pretty much watch Steve Martin paint a closet, but on the whole it’s not a fave. Great moment, though, when he is told that he’s not a black … Continue reading

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Reading…and more on the adoption

We are, thanks everyone, going ahead with adoption plans. Like a good academe, I am researching my way through the whole thing. Maybe I’ll get a PhD out of it. HA. R and I are set on Ethiopia or Colombia … Continue reading

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