We spent the weekend celebrating Labor Day by laboring.

No really.

Moving is, I am convinced, one of those megalithic tasks originally entrusted to one of the Titans, designed to prove deity or rescue a grieving maiden from the jaws of the underworld.



The house we’re in now is this lovely old rattling thing, squeaky wooden floors shiny with the patina of the ages. The kids now have their own rooms and R and I rejoice in the echo we hear when we talk on the phone to each other. The ceilings are tall, the windows wide. There’s a yard (small but perfect for the kids) and it’s close to the university, which makes my commute nonexistent. They actually laughed at me in my department when I mentioned leaving half an hour early for school.

But the BOXES.
They multiply in the night, I am convinced. They break out the Yaeger shots and get freaky in the hallways, producing myriads more like them.
In the mornings we work slowly through each one, wondering who packed them, these boxes with baby socks, computer cables, and the odd box of cereal.

So yes, I’m fairly uncoordinated right now. I had to ask for the copier code four times this morning, each time forgetting it by the time I reached the mail room, finally giving up and tossing the page to a student worker. Pass the buck, my friends.

I know it gets easier as we get more settled. My brave girl is safely ensconced in her Kindergarden, and the baby is getting great one-on-one time with R. I know everyone is not so fortunate, to have a job and a roof and baby socks when needed.

I just sometimes wish there were a few less boxes.

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7 Responses to Boxes

  1. antropologa says:

    I still can’t believe you moved so fast!

  2. KathyB! says:

    “They break out the Yaeger shots and get freaky in the hallways, producing myriads more like them” Maybe I’ve had too much Yaeger myself, but that line had me laughing out loud. The real kind, not the LOL kind.

    Good luck with your Gremlin-boxes!

  3. Limonpartido says:


    I loved this post and feel for you…I so dislike moving…but wide windows? …that might be totally worth it….

  4. amy2boys says:

    I hate moving. It’s so much work!! I hope you love everything about your new place in the world, once those boxes are all unpacked!

  5. incognitomom says:

    Sadly, I know just what you mean. Almost four years since we moved in and I still have two unpacked boxes in the basement (both with books that were on my waiting to be read bookshelf at my last house). Wonder when I might ever get around to actually reading them. I can’t even remember the titles of those books.

    Hope the unpacking fairies come to your house and surprise you.

  6. faemom says:

    It sounds like a great house. Now if only those pesky boxes would stop multiplying and unpack themselves. Is that too much to ask?

  7. insider53 says:

    At least you still have your sense of humor about it. Glad everyone is settling in. Post some photos of Ohio and the patina on the floors. I didn’t think anyone used that word anymore but me.

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