Why does it amaze me that things like this still happen? We’re supposed to be so enlightened, ushered in to a new age of racial friendship by President McNobelPrize, the deeply-rooted problems of this country solved miraculously over a Bud.

And yet. And yet.

I have a son. He’s mixed. He’s not remotely Mexican (and even if he were, should that matter?), but he could be walking home one day with his white girlfriend and be beaten senseless by “good kids”. Track stars. 4.0 GPAs.

And it terrifies me.

I hear statements from my students so many times, running the gamut of misinformed to shockingly prejudiced. But these are students from other countries, some having herded camels as recently as last week, from societies rife with tribal warfare and barbarically- enforced religious law.

This is not that place. These are not those people (yes, I know, and even if they were….).

I hear so many people say with such conviction that we’re all blank slates- born with nothing but goodness, sweetness, and an evolutionary predisposition to do good and save the earth. Babies are born good, right? Full of potential, only lacking a little “pruning”, straight little shoots going right up toward the sun.

So explain this. What do you do when kids with such stable backgrounds, such middle-America ethos, such blond-crew-cut upbringings- with everything in the world going for them, beat a man into the ground?

And how, as parents, do we prepare our kids for this? How did the parents of these kids prepare them?

And how do I prepare myself?

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19 Responses to Shenandoah

  1. Waldo says:

    Obama will not solve narrow minded people like you who politicize everything under the sun. Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, O’Reilley and so many other hate mongers fan the flame that still amazes you?

  2. Evenshine says:

    Waldo- was this a response to my actual post, or just an excuse to leave an anonymous insult? Thanks for being a great example of exactly what I was discussing in this post!

  3. pegasus says:

    They always pick out an example where whites get on minorities. I am sick and tired of the way the media always covers up a criminal’s illegal status when they get caught killing all kinds of people drunk driving, which they are notorious for, or when an illegal Mexican goes around kidnapping, raping, and killing little girls, it happens every day in Phoenix. When black kids gang up on a white kids, a black male rapes and kills a white woman, or punches 80 year old women in the face repeatedly until they let go of their purse. This example is one of some sorry white kids yes, but we need to be more honest here. blacks and latinos perpetrate a vastly larger amount of crimes against whites that the other way around. The media only publishes what it wants. this is just anothet example of race-baiting liberals making whitey out to be the bad guy. idiots who can’t see through this are pathetic. i would advise them to get a closer look and spend some time in da hood or in la barrios. even a liberal with the slightest amount of logic will gain perspective. if you want to be fair, run this story next to one of black on white crime and latino on white crime. it won’t be hard to find. The media doesn’t have the guts to be fair and equal, just like any liberal: they are the true racists. so wise up and accept the fact that there are some people in every race that are too stupid to appecreciate people of other races. running one-sided cases will never get anywhere… I would advise people to grow up, get an education, and open their eyes. Stop drinking kool-aid

  4. evenshine says:

    Pegasus- thanks for commenting, and help yourself to the kool-aid. I think the reason that this case came to my attention is that 1) this crime was perpetrated by the non-minority group upon the minority, for no other reason than the ethnicity of the victim, and apparently specifically FOR that reason. 2) The numbers may prove you right on latino/white crimes versus white/latino crimes, but there are usually reasons other than racial or ethnic bias driving these crimes, reasons which the white kids didn’t ostensibly have. 3) My own children are mixed -race.
    Thank you for all your kind advice about “wising up” and “spending time in da hood”, but I can either just accept the status quo, as you argue, or start the dialogue to change it.
    And I already live in da hood.

  5. well.. let’s see.. You (pegasus) indicated that Mexican’s are running all over Phoenix killing, raping drunk driving, etc., O.k. so what happened to the cop that killed the black woman in New Jersey, who was drunk and and white.. Or the white woman in a Van filled with kids who was also DWI, and killed 8 people including herself. What happened to Caylee Anthony? Did her white mother not kill her? or Hailey Cummings, who is still missing and presumed dead with a WHITE STEPMOTHER!! Do you know for sure that those people you so casually mentioned were MEXICAN? Do u know for certain that they are illigal?

    I think this gives ignorant people like you, a reason to bash on other ethnicities w/out merrit nor stastics to back it up! Do ur homework and stick to what you do know.. Meth labs and twinkies! LOL!

  6. event_horizon says:

    Gosh I dunno, ya think “undocumented” may mean the same as “Illegal?” Is this jut another case of “if he were where he was supposed to be, this never would have happened?”

    Instead, now “5” young men who have never been in trouble before have ruined lives. This isn’t just about one “undocumented alien.”

  7. Dennis Pence says:

    The unnecessary death of “anyone” is a tragedy, but it gives the politicians the “fuel” they need to throw on the fire of their agenda – they want to divide and couquer America. They could care less about one illegal Mexican – or one legal, tax paying Caucasian. They will sacrifice any and all to accomplish their agenda and to hell with anyone that gets in their way. Granted, he should not be here illegally, but the politicians don’t care about that either. Crime is crime – white on black, black on black, white on latino, latino on white or black on latino. Difference is, they make big news of an issue like this, as I said, not because they care – because they don’t – but it helps their agenda. By the way – being here illegally is also a crime – which – for their own benefit, politicians choose not to enforce. I have no doubt that eventually, Americans will have to take a stand to preserve our heritage, or simply be quiet and see our great country destroyed. Most of the people coming to this country have not sacrificed anything for America, but want to reap the rewards of what our forefathers sacrificed (in some cases everything) for and the greedy politicians are more than willing to let them do it. If these were the kind of people we need here, they would be unwilling to accept handouts from the government and would pull themselves up by the boot straps and become “real Americans” – Not African Americans, not Hispanic/Lation Americans, not Asian Americans – but Americans – willing to make sacrifices and become a part of the dream that they could never (or would never) have in their own country. If they loved any country, including their own, they would work to change their own countries – but, alas – our government has made it too easy for them to become parasites and live off the lifeblood of America. Naturally this does not apply to all of them, but a large portion of them. Controlled immigration and consequences for those that break the law (including businesses) is the only way to handle this issue. The Republicans and the Liberals Dems don’t want it handled. That leaves it to the Americans to either handle it or pay the price – unfortunately, these young men handled it in a bad way and the illegal Latino paid the price.

  8. Gibby says:

    Evenshine, your mixed race son could be beaten up for that reason alone, and my caucasian daughter could be abducted on her way home from school by a sick caucasian predator.

    Is one worse than the other?

    Of course there are racial crimes, which are inexcusable, but isn’t all crime inexcusable?

    As for the comment about how we are born to be good and sweet…I used to believe that, but no longer. I wish I could believe that, but now I truly believe that there are certain people who are predisposed to take the wrong path, to continuously make the wrong decisions, and when you throw in environmental factors, then you have a nightmare.

    The only thing we can do is do right by our children and those around us. Perhaps this is jaded, but unfortunately I watch too much news. As a matter of fact, I’m starting to think it would be better to just bury my head in the sand these days.

  9. antropologa says:

    If we’re genetically predisposed to anything, it’s to prefer people who look like us and to be selfish.

    Anyway, wow, your commenters seem to be kind of uh…negative today. Why are people who are nearly all originally immigrants such jerks about immigrants? And is it clear to nobody how social factors influence who commit crimes and who are charged?

  10. evenshine says:

    Yeah, amazing what a little race controversy will bring out of people, huh?

    Commenters, be forewarned. Be nice or risk deletion.

    Bonus points if you actually have a position and can state it (thanks, Dennis, Gibby, and Antropologa).

    Antropologa- I think that your argument would hold up if the culprits in the case had extenuating “social factors”. In this case, they had none.

  11. alex says:

    I just wanna say this doesn’t surprise me at all i when school at Berwick PA very closed to Shenandoah i left right after a group of student had white t-shirt day to show white supremacy get educated ignorant and remember were all your race came from ……………. and remember USA is changing and is changing fast some day the tortilla will flip………..

  12. steph says:

    americans are just so funny..the thing is racism can never be removed. America is nobody’s land go check history.. also whenever immigrants come they complainand give useless excuses and also racism . In UK where there are so many different culture you can’t do anything about it. yet we still try to accomodate eachother u guys just piss me off. my thing is if you dont like immigrants get ur shit and move out thats your own damm problem…when we go on holidays abroad these people treat you well so why not do the same…everybody is trying to survive,…and i hope that lady in that smll town that said blame the mexicn boy for his own murder what a pitiful thing to say i was shocked at that 6 months for a murder even domestic violence gets more than that…if it was a black person immediate life….i love these documentary show what America is to the world not what it pretends to be or hide

  13. insider53 says:

    Evenshine you do love to stir the pot don’t you. Well I for one did not hear of this case you are talking about but I can comment on mixed race children. 2 of my daughters are married to men of other races and my grandchildren will be mixed. I worry about how the world will treat them. I am not sure what I will say to them as they haven’t been born yet, but I think you have to be honest with them. There is hate in this world and even though it is wrong it still exists and sometimes it wins.

  14. I totally agree with you Steph.. I can’t and don’t get it why they are only serving 6 months for a HATE CRIME! So true if you don’t like living with mixed races, then pack your crap and move out!! buy an island with TOMMY HILFIGER, as I understand it, he too is racist.

  15. Mexican says:

    This is truly sad. The excuses they make to kill a person that is different than they are. I guess in their little mind is okay to MURDER a person because they are here illegally. These people have no Morals and no humanity. I heard someone say these were good kids…hmmm Good kids do not Murder. But, they do have someone higher up there to answer about their actions. Life has many turns and Karma can be a real Bitch.

  16. El Presidente says:

    This is really sad that this is happening in this day and age. Whites say that Illegals are taking jobs from the white. Exactly how many whites are out looking for work on the fields? How many whites are looking for work as dishwashers or gardeners? Get real people!

    Whites also complain about illegals bringing drugs or responsible for the drug trade. Give me a break! Who are the #1 drug users? Whites! Most immigrants are here to make an honest living. Like all races (even whites) there are a few bad apples and unfortnately, we all pay the price for their deeds. Jeffrey Dahmer the serial killer that practiced cannibalism was white, should we label all whites serial killers?
    These kids that killed the Mexican immigrant should pay the ultimately price for what they did. They are lucky that I live accross the country.

  17. amen El Presidente!!

  18. faemom says:

    I read the article and was disgusted. The men who did this (because even if they were teenagers they acted like adults) should have been punished more. They were slapped on the wrist for killing a man. That’s wrong. There is no doubt in my mind that it was racially motivated. With a witness that claims that the attackers said racial slurs. I get frustrated when I hear about people questioning the reason for hate crime letigation. Hate crimes are like terrorist attackes; they are meant to put the fear into a people. I find it hard to believe that these are upstanding kids that just get into an accidental street fight. Street fight: Four against one. Right. I’m sure that these kids learned their hate from their families. Maybe their parents weren’t card-caring racists, but they probably said racist things all the time. I met people like that. They often start out a sentence with “I’m not a racist but . . . ” Um, yeah, you are. It’s up to us to teach our children right from wrong. It’s up to us to stand up for people. It’s up to us to tell people that it is wrong to say racist things.

    Sorry, pent up rage, since I was raised in a way that made me think all racists were old and dying then was surprised in my adulthood to find it all alive and well.

  19. fakevalleygirl says:

    Faemom: U have every right to be in a rage! I agree with you completely! If your adult enough to commit murder, then be adult enough to pay the consequences with adult punishment!

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