Don’t cry for me, Argentina

I went in for a cleaning today and left five hours later with a root canal.

Praise Jesus and pass the Vicodin.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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11 Responses to Don’t cry for me, Argentina

  1. I’m so sorry. My dentist is super nice, but I still hate going to him. I think I’ve had about 8 or 9 filling in the past 18 months. I am just waiting on a root canal to come my way. I brush twice a day, floss every day, and use flouride rinse. My husband brushes once a day and gets told he brushes his teeth too hard. This is a point of contention in our family. Really, I just hope the kids get his teeth.

  2. KathyB! says:

    This happened to me last year!

    Just don’t take your Vicodin with vodka.

    Feel better 🙂

  3. insider53 says:

    Oh my gosh! Take care and feel better soon. Wow! So sorry.

  4. Amy O. says:

    I feel your pain, evenshine. I have had 3 root canals, several crowns, and I don’t know how many fillings. The older I get, the more terrified I am of going to the dentist. Much like 2squares, my husband gets away with minimal tooth maintenance and zero problems. So. Not. Fair.

  5. antropologa says:

    Goodness! Feel better.

  6. Gibby says:

    Ooohh, I am crying for you. Feel better!

  7. amy2boys says:

    Oh oh oh NOOOO! How awful. Hope you recover quickly!

  8. ck says:

    Ack – even reading this makes me cringe. I don’t know that I’d believe a dentist who told me that if I wasn’t feeling any pain. Of course not listening to the dentist is what led me down the path to a rotted tooth, so you were wise to listen.

    I hope you’re feeling better!

  9. faemom says:

    This is why I’m scared to death to go to the dentist. BECAUSE I know it’ll happen to me.

  10. And I bet paying for it was the most painful part. 😦

  11. Evenshine says:

    Steel- Girl, you know it. Don’t GET me started on dental insurance.

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