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Take a few minutes (and maybe a tissue or two) and read the latest from Katie. I am so thankful, not the least that people like her walk this earth. Advertisements

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Taste Preferences

Netflix, I big-red-puffy-Bedazzled-heart you. You have made the Nighttime-OutOfIt-Mommy-Movie-Catchup so much less of a headache. Thanks to you, I no longer feel like I’ve been off the grid for so long (i.e.- since I had children). I can now speak … Continue reading

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Friday Haiku

Boss lovingly calls Friday afternoon meeting: torturous beastie!

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Dear well-intentioned administrator…

Look. I really appreciate that you’re trying to be fair, but how about, instead of cajoling me, attempting to convince me that you’re right when you know you’re not, and reviewing my grade book like an accountant at tax time, … Continue reading

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If you have a few minutes, please peruse Katie’s┬áblog over at The Journey. She’s just your average 20-year-old who moves to Africa and adopts 14 children. On her own. I read things like this and I wonder how much more … Continue reading

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I promise I remember the days of hyperemesis, when my body cried out for nutrition but always heaved it back up in a matter of minutes, halfway digested. Salad was the worst: those green, crunchy leaves would wreak havoc on … Continue reading

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WordFull Wednesday

Mara Mori brought me a pair of socks which she knitted herself with her sheepherder’s hands, two socks as soft as rabbits. I slipped my feet into them as if they were two cases knitted with threads of twilight and … Continue reading

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