Dear well-intentioned administrator…

Look. I really appreciate that you’re trying to be fair, but how about, instead of cajoling me, attempting to convince me that you’re right when you know you’re not, and reviewing my grade book like an accountant at tax time, you just tell me you want me to change the student’s grade though he has unequivocally not passed the course, and save us all some time and stress? I need to get back to blog reading essay grading.  Cheers.

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6 Responses to Dear well-intentioned administrator…

  1. antropologa says:

    Goodness! I’m so glad I don’t have these problems.

  2. Adriana says:

    I’ve never faced that problem; and hope I never do either. Why the interest in passing this one student on behalf of the administrator?

  3. Ink says:

    Aw, geez. Sigh.

  4. Gibby says:

    Is this the same person you had to deal with earlier? That stinks.

  5. WorkingMom says:

    As an secretary for 20+ years in higher ed, it always amazed me that department chairs, deans, and even higher would dare intervene on a student’s behalf when it was clear that the student had blown it. What do they think they’re teaching these kids?!?

    As far as the parents who did the begging/cajoling/threatening on their child’s behalf, I always wanted to ask them if they thought it was a good idea for a 35-year-old adult child to be sitting on their couch playing video games and sponging off them, because that’s exactly what they were inviting their own kid to do!

  6. faemom says:

    WTF. That Sucks!
    The college I went to put a lot of stock on the student surveys, but they never batted an eye when it was one bad review amongst the whole class because obviously someone was sore about something stupid. Now if the whole class was pissed, then they would look into it.

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