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OK, Bolaño.

He’s GOT me, dang it. I imagined that it was just a matter of time and the.critics.were.right. Bolaño’s piece-de-resistance has sucked me in, and now I’m going to have to finish it.  At first, I pulled at the reins. He … Continue reading

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Daybook: Monday, December 28th, 2009

From Peggy at Simple Woman’s Daybook. Outside my window… the wind is howling around the corners of my building. The snow from last night has returned and dances down to the ground in swirling flakes. I am thinking… about my … Continue reading

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From The Simple Woman’s Daybook via Kerry at The Ten O’Clock Scholar. FOR TODAY: December 21st, 2009 Outside my window…the landscapers are collecting leaves around the base of the giant university Christmas tree. I am thinking… about friends far away, both … Continue reading

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Zip it

Dear Students Who Keep Emailing Me Every Three Hours For Your Grades: Cordially, Your Teacher

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Step away from the baby

Has anyone else read the eight different kinds of crazy (to use TKW’s phrase) that is this article on stars’ baby names? Being a baby name trend afficionada (I know, NERD ALERT!), I had to spend some time with the prescription-drug … Continue reading

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Another idea I wish I’da thoughta

  Some high school drama teacher somewhere deserves a shout out. And a Snuggie. Just ’cause this made me laugh. Enjoy!!

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Random holiday thoughts

Feeling a little discombobulated here…seeped in grades, I am surrounded by little combat units of old coffee cups and muffin wrappers from Starbucks. Grading’s almost done, but my mind is elsewhere. Come with me as we delve into the rabbit … Continue reading

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