La vita e bella

So has anyone done any thinking on this Knox case?

To recap- her “friend” is brutally assaulted and murdered, the weapon of choice has her DNA on it, and, despite a macabre and sophomorish investigation on the part of the Italian police, she’s close to being convicted.

She can appeal.

Here’s my issue: if she’s guilty, then it doesn’t really matter how tearful, emotional, and moving her speeches to the media are. If she’s guilty, then her time in jail, which she says was so, so difficult (understandably) is laughable, because she’s really guilty of much harsher punishment. If she’s guilty, she will just have to deal with the “branding” she’s so afraid of having for the rest of her life. If.

If she is, however, a victim of a flawed system whose keystone kops have made some stupid mistakes, all in the world’s very interested gaze, then yes. This IS a shame. This IS wrong, and hard, and difficult, and emotional. And her friends are right to hold vigils, and to march, and to express their discontent with the Italian system.

For some reason I’m reminded of the movie Chicago. Students are apparently still flocking to the country in droves, though, not to be dissuaded by a little gruesome homicide.

Ahhh, Italy.

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3 Responses to La vita e bella

  1. antropologa says:

    I’ve read different articles on it and each is totally compelling that she’s innocent/that she’s a murderess. I have no idea. I just hope no one I know ever gets murdered when I’m in a foreign country and I get blamed.

  2. faemom says:

    From what I read, they’re not sure they have the weapon of choice, there’s none of Knox’s DNA in the murder scene, and the motive is pretty flimsy.
    As for her changing testomony and her behavior, I’m guess she was totally high on something.
    But of course, this is all speculation from what I read. So who knows.

  3. This is a very sad and complicated case. One can only hope the true killer is punished; it sounds like they’ve already got one of them. If Amanda is guilty, too, then I hope they can get some definite proof to convict her. What a waste of young lives.

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