Random holiday thoughts

Feeling a little discombobulated here…seeped in grades, I am surrounded by little combat units of old coffee cups and muffin wrappers from Starbucks. Grading’s almost done, but my mind is elsewhere. Come with me as we delve into the rabbit hole that is my brain…here’s what I’d rather be thinking about:

  • Nine people, two dogs, and an international student for Christmas. The student’s only staying for dinner one day, but everyone else has to be acommodated in a 3-bedroom, one bath house. I was actually thinking about a porta-potty in my back yard. That, and wine. Lots of wine.
  • Christmas playlist: Sarah McLachlan’s CD Wintersong has been really nice. I’m not usually a fan (especially with her strange “save the pets” ads lately), but I like everything I’ve heard from this album. I still love Jars of Clay’s Drummer Boy, and Sixpence’s Dawn of Grace album is also great listening beyond the traditional holiday mall muzac.
  • Coats!! Colorful marshmallowy puffy things are all the rage on campus, along with those excuses for footwear called Uggs. Want to look like an undergrad? Uggs with jeans (or sweats- {{{cringe}}})  tucked in and North Face fleeces covered by a down parka with fur. I decline to encase my feet in gnome-stompers, and North Face is just so very, but the parka I can totally do. Got mine from Land’s End yesterday and I’m thinking of sleeping in it till January.
  • Working my way through this baby, whose reviews were sufficiently effusive as to render my expectations of it far, far beyond what I’ve encountered. Come on, people! There can only be one “Book of the age”! I know from experience, however, not to judge until I’ve finished at least the first half. Which, by my calculations, will be sometime in 2666.
  • Why isn’t there any *&%$ snow in Ohio??? I totally expected to be rolling in it by now. Come ON, mother nature- bring it! I’m prepared with my parka and my Uggs sky-high Nine West platform boots.

And now, for your holiday musical enjoyment:

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6 Responses to Random holiday thoughts

  1. antropologa says:

    Wow, that is a hard-core coat! Good thing you like outerwear!

  2. evenshine says:

    A- hey, I’m in the frozen north! We’re hard-core here. You may need one when you move…

  3. decibelblog says:

    The song you posted is so peaceful.

    ~ C.H.
    Music news, artist reviews, and upcoming songs at the new Decibel Blog.

  4. Gnome Stompers? LOLZ!

    I have been listening to Wintersong all week. My favorite song on the disc is her rendition of Joni Mitchell’s “River.” Haunting, gorgeous stuff.

    I second the nomination for a port-a-potty and lots of wine!

  5. I like the festive new look. Thanks for leading me toward the Christmas spirit.

  6. faemom says:

    Geeze, Evenshine, that book looks like a bitch. (Pardon my French.) I would never tackle that in the holiday season . . . or ever. Good luck. I love your discription of the undergrads.

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