From The Simple Woman’s Daybook via Kerry at The Ten O’Clock Scholar.

FOR TODAY: December 21st, 2009

Outside my window…the landscapers are collecting leaves around the base of the giant university Christmas tree.
I am thinking… about friends far away, both in years and in geography.
I am thankful for…warmth.
From the learning rooms… the classrooms here are silent, stately in their emptiness. The campus is almost empty, except for support staff and a few bundled figures racing through the snow.
From the kitchen… I intend on baking tonight. Promise!
I am wearing…black and white. Take from that the existential statement you will.
I am creating…memories of a first year in a new home. New traditions with a young family. And, more prosaically, lesson plans for the first weeks of 2010.
I am going…home soon.
I am reading…you guessed it. Still this baby. Also, an advent reader and Salman Rushdie’s latest.
I am hoping… to finish it before Easter.
I am hearing…the wind’s peculiar keen as it tumbles about the corners of my office building. The sounds of an empty campus: a muffled cough somewhere distant, a door shutting down the hall, a neglected coffee maker sputtering.
Around the house… things are almost ready for the family, arriving sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening. We have to make a trip out to IKEA for a dining table that will hold all of us, and maybe some extra seating. I’d like to be able to stock up on sweet nibbly stuff to have on hand for the guests.
One of my favorite things… my cashmere pilot’s cap, which my brother gave me about three Christmases ago.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Tomorrow, last-minute shopping before the family arrives. On Wednesday, we’ll visit an exhibit of world Christmas traditions here at the university. Thursday, our yearly Christmas Eve smorgasbord, which I’ll have to post about (with pics) soon.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

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9 Responses to Simplicity

  1. lokimomma says:

    Do NOT, I repeat: Do NOT stock up on sweet nibbly things!! Here’s a list of things Mom and Dad have made +/or are bringing:
    Pie of some sort
    Two dishes of fudge (I’m talking a 9×9 and a 9×11)
    Chocolate/espresso brownies
    Spritz cookies
    Date balls
    Ferrero Rocher
    Ghirardelli chocolate (every kind you can imagine-peppermint bark, raspberry, dark chocolate, etc…)
    Lindt truffles
    Homemade cookies from my co-worker
    Mom’s homemade biscotti
    I think that’s it for now, but they we are planning on making:
    Cinnamon rolls Christmas day
    Chess pie on Christmas day
    Bring on the SUGAR FEST! Hope you hadn’t planned on the kiddoes sleeping at all while we’re there…

  2. lokimomma says:

    Just a quick comment that reading that list kinda makes me nauseus….Cheers! 🙂 See you in a few days!

  3. Tamara says:

    Thanks for sharing your daybook. I’ve enjoyed my visit.

    May you and your family have a Christmas filled with many blessings!

    P.S. You are invited to drop by my blog on 12/27 and enter my New Year’s Giveaway!

  4. sahm i am says:

    Beautiful. The pic and your thoughts. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. Kathy says:

    Thanks for sharing your DayBook – I enjoy dipping thru what other journallers share. And I hope you and your family have a lovely and blessed Christmas – new traditions and new house and all 😉 Best, Kathy

  6. Lovely. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Gibby says:

    Merry Christmas, Evenshine!

  8. Ink says:

    Happy Christmas to you all!

  9. faemom says:

    That was a really neat post. I’m wishing I was there to share the sweet nibbly things.

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