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Rest in peace

However contradictory the coroner’s report – whether he pronounces Consumption or Loneliness or Suicide to be the cause of death – isn’t it plain how the true artist-seer actually dies? I say that the true artist-seer, the heavenly fool who … Continue reading

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The problem with an open mind

…is that things fall out. Story of my life, I suppose. Though that might just be motherhood. Here’s the thing: no one really believes that truth is relative. They may say that. They may argue you into the ground, passionately, and … Continue reading

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For the lovely Fae. Seven things I’ve never said on my blog: 1. I am an avowed anthroponymist. You may have guessed from this post, or further back, this post. I just think the names people choose for their kids … Continue reading

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In the hush

In the predawn hush, I am Mother. Holding you on my chest as we rock, I am warmth and safety, and a place in memory called home. In the harshness of daylight, I am tough. Showing black and white, silencing with a … Continue reading

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He pours the tea into the dry, cracked earth and studies the leavings. It is windy and hot today, hotter than most days he can remember. The liquid is gone before he glances back, sucked into the bosom of the … Continue reading

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