Literally, in my case. This week is testing for the incoming students. I have a plethora of inane-yet-in-academic-circles-totally-lifealtering-and-earthshattering tasks to accomplish this week. Am feeling less than encouraged on the blog front, too. Does anyone else get blog envy as regularly as I do? Just going through my reader in the morning is enough to convince me of my own insignificance in the blogosphere. I tend to re-evaluate every few months, and usually come to the conclusion that I should just stop….and then I get a really great idea for a blog post and just have to open a can of worms. *Sigh*.

The Prophet (20 months) is sick today, his wheezing waking him up every few minutes as he tried to sleep last night. My husband looked at me helplessly as we wondered if we should make a hospital run (every sickness in our house happens either on Saturday or Sunday evenings. Or holidays. Every. One.) We kept a close eye on him last night, and he seems better today, though still sloppy and mucus-y. And little girl went back to Kindergarden today. I think she really loves her school, which makes me happy, even though it makes me poor.

I won’t ask about resolutions, because it’s been beatintothegroundwithastick done, but I will wish you all a very happy 2010. Here’s to a better year than this last decade, which, in the long run, is perhaps better off behind us- where we can stomp on it, or perhaps get it lost in the crevices of the couch. Cheers, my friends.

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11 Responses to Testing…testing…

  1. antropologa says:

    Hey, Bloglines hates you, too! Sometimes it helps if you write Bloglines an angry message.

    I’d be very disappointed if you stopped blogging.

  2. Amy O. says:

    Yes, keep up the blogging! I have to have something interesting to read when I take my every 15 minute breaks because I get so pooped these days from just standing up.

    Hope your little man gets better. It’s so hard to see them sick. 😦

  3. ck says:

    I hate those moments and I feel like they only happen at night. Which often leads to ER runs, which ALWAYS ends with a put-out doctor prescribing tylenol. WHATEVER. It’s my co-pay which I’ll waste if I want to.

    I hope your son feels better soon and please don’t shut down the blog! I know how you feel though, I go through the same thing all the timel.

  4. Ink says:

    I feel the same way about blogging…but it’s a community that I’m incredibly fond of, regardless of how crappy I feel about my own lame voice. 😉

    Please don’t stop: love to read your musings.

    And I hope that your son feels so much better, stat!

  5. Kathy says:

    Please keep blogging! I get blog envy all the time – I go thru phases where it seems like EVERYONE has better ideas than I – but I find that blogging actually keeps ME sane, so I continue even when I’m terrible 😉 I enjoy your writing, you generally make me stop and think on things I might otherwise overlook…

  6. evenshine says:

    Thanks, all. Dry spell, that’s all. Little boy’s better, thanks!

  7. faemom says:

    Don’t leave! I would miss you! And yes, I do get blog envy. Just read a post of ck’s and you’re done for.

    As for illnesses, that’s kids. They ALWAYS pick a weekend or a holiday to get sick. ALWAYS. So I think if regular doctors had weekend hours too, kids would hardly ever be sick.

  8. Jane says:

    I’m hoping that your little one feels better, theyby sleeps better real soon AND that you have so many inspired blog post ideas you won’t give your reader/blog envy another thought – I like your blog just the way it is!

  9. Gibby says:

    Your banner looks so peaceful, maybe we can all pull from that.
    I’m glad The Prophet is feeling better, and I am so glad you didn’t ask about resolutions.
    Happy New Year, Evenshine.

  10. biz319 says:

    I know what you mean about getting sick on holidays – its happened to me in the past too – had to take my daughter to the ER on Christmas Eve – um, pretty sure the best doctors aren’t on call during the holidays!

    Hope he’s feeling better and Happy New Year to you! 😀

  11. Blog Envy happens to me with stunning regularity! But don’t quit!

    I am actually panicked because our main computer, the one I can upload photos on, got sick last night…I can’t blog without photos, really…WHY do computers hate me?

    So how about YOU keep blogging and I will quit?

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