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Snakes on a plane

…not the movie. Ack. As if. I mean, I’d have to be on a lot stronger prescription drugs than I already am to be tied down and forced sit and watch that one willingly. No, as in the feeling I’ll … Continue reading

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The part of the show where I toss my cookies

If you’ve been reading me long enough, you’ve made it through birth #2, the glory and the angst, the highs and the lows, and most definitely, the tossing of the cookies. My genetic forbears saw fit to gift me with … Continue reading

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Foetal Song

The vehicle gives a lurch but seems to know its destination. In here, antique darkness, I guess at things. Tremors of muscles communicate secrets to me. I am nourished. A surge of blood pounding sweet blossoms my gentle head. I … Continue reading

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This made me laugh today…

Swagger wagon, yo.

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What does one do when a registered sex offender moves into the house across the street, which is within spitting distance from where my children play in the back yard?

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