Snakes on a plane

…not the movie. Ack. As if. I mean, I’d have to be on a lot stronger prescription drugs than I already am to be tied down and forced sit and watch that one willingly.

No, as in the feeling I’ll probably have halfway through the six-hour bonanza of fun that, I am sure, will be the flight to the wedding this weekend. Did I mention the flight leaves at 6? As in, A.M.? Which means we’ll need to start getting ready- oh, about yesterday.  

I have heard about these Posh Spice moms, who have it all together- individual activity packets for their kids to keep them quiet, snacks and drinks all in less-than-three-ounce-travel sizes, the one-handed, fold-up stroller that stores in a neat travel bag, checks you in and serves Mommy’s mimosa virgin daquiri?

Ok, maybe I made that last one up.

But I have to say that I’m dreading the very real probability that two kids + a preggo (barfing)mom + six hours + one connection + the Atlanta airport + a directionally-challenged hubby seems like more math than I ever cared to do, as well as a recipe for the least-posh of adventures.

I just want to wear huge sunglasses, envelop myself in cashmere and drop-dead gorgeous little flats, and fend off the paparazzi while drinking my club soda with a twist.

Wait, that was my other life.

I just want to arrive in one piece (or, technically, four pieces). With luggage. And as few rushing tackles to the flight attendants on my way to throw up fetchingly in the airplane’s restrooms as possible.

A girl can hope.

Meanwhile, any tips on traveling a-la-Jackie Onassis? With kids?

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12 Responses to Snakes on a plane

  1. amy2boys says:

    Oh I’m sorry you aren’t feeling any better! For me it’s always months 2-4 then I’m good to go. I’m certainly not Posh Mom, but I do pack snacks, and I pack a couple of small toys they’ve never seen before (Matchbox cars, coloring book) because it lasts longer if it’s new. I usually let them also wear a little back pack that they packed themselves with a few (pre-approved!) toys of choice.

  2. faemom says:

    Portable dvd player! With kid earphones. We traveled last summer across country. I packed crayons, paper, coloring books, small toys, snacks, and drinks. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

  3. Fie Upon This Quiet Life says:

    First – congrats on the pregnancy! I am slow on the uptake since I’m so wrapped up in my own little head. Trying to be a little more eyes-open!!

    And, I second the DVD player — OR iPod. We have an iPod that we only use for eldest’s movies, and he can use it on a plane. In past trips, we’ve used a tiny portable speaker (purchased at Target for 10 bucks) that is loud enough for him to hear, but directional so no one else on the plane can hear it. If your kids are old enough for headphones, that’ll do, too. You can even get a “Y adapter” so you can have two sets of headphones plugged into the DVD (or iPod) player, so both kids can watch the same movie and hear it.

    That said, I sympathize. I hope that it goes more smoothly than you can imagine and that the airport people are nice to you. Sending good vibes!

  4. antropologa says:

    Dress your children in cute outfits and bring movies for them to watch and constant snacks! Good luck.

  5. jmatzel says:

    I agree with the backpacks of fun and games with the possibility of ipods or dvd players. Just remember that electronic things can only be used at certain times during the flight 🙂

    Also, the last flight I was on, the cutest little girl had crayons and a coloring book. Between slight turbulence on the plane and her boredom, those 60 colors ended up everywhere but back in her pack before we landed.

  6. Mrs.Mayhem says:

    Good luck on the plane. We just took our four kids on a 10 hour flight – I consider myself lucky that I survived!

    There’s an award for you at my site.

  7. Gibby says:

    Congrats on the pregnancy! I read that before but not sure if I wished you well. So happy for you!!!

    I quadruple the DVD player or iPod, loaded with favorite shows. I always bought new markers and coloring books as a surprise. I packed each girl a backpack so that there was no fighting. Food, food, and more food. Also, if your kids are old enough to chew gum for a little bit, use that for take-off and landing; it will help with ear popping.

  8. cynthia says:

    Book 3 seats together for the kids and hubby; one seat for yourself closest to the restroom.

    I buy new coloring/puzzle and reading books and 1 toy each for the boys and pack them in separate bags. Then I pull them out one at a time when they start getting whiny/bored. Lego or any building blocks are good time wasters and are light. My kids love reading the plane emergency booklets.

  9. Alexandra says:

    Portable DVD player AND some new games wrapped in size, like Target sells.

    They love this, it’s new, they unwrap it, and it keeps them busy for ever.

    But, hands down, you need to bring juice for them to drink and swallow at take off and landing for the ear pain…

  10. Amy O. says:

    So what worked for you? What didn’t work for you? I’m flying just me & the two littles in a few days…

  11. WorkingMom says:

    I’m with Cynthia – I handle everything until we board the plane – travel reservations, packing, planning, et al. We board that plane, it’s all on Hubby for the duration of the flight – I’m on vaca (at least ’til we land!!!).

    Soooo… how’d the flight go? And how was the wedding?

  12. Ink says:

    I think I already congratulated you on the pregnancy, but just in case: CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope the trip went well…

    Come back soon! We miss you.

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