Tentatively ten

…back. Not sure yet.

1. Reticent and uninspired.

2. Nauseated and fatigued from 1st Trimester triathlon of trials.

3. Working full-time (thank God) but currently boooooored. Summer semester, ya know.

4. Reevaluating our footprint. Moving to cloth diapering (a series of posts in itself), no wipes, no Bounty.

5. Moving from house hell to Something Much Better. But another move. In August. Pregnant.

6. Dealing with a student stalker. Creeeeepy.

7. Currently desiring very much some onion rings and Tabasco. With a side of edamame.

8. Feeling fragile.

9. Rethinking my position on family size.

10. Wondering why I am avoiding blogging. Hmmmm….

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7 Responses to Tentatively ten

  1. Ink says:

    Welcome back and here are some hugs for everything you’re going through…(am worried about stalkering, especially — oh, sweetie, I hope that is resolved STAT).


  2. Glad to have found you again. Hugs and blessings for this list of interesting and concerning issues. I’m sure that peace and blessings are coming your way!

  3. amy2boys says:

    Well it seems you have no lack of fodder! I hope you feel better (and post more) soon.

  4. lokimomma says:

    Student stalker?? Creepy, creepy! When in doubt, eat something fried. It always makes me feel better (until it’s time to work, then I just want to barf).

  5. faemom says:

    Well, it sounds like everything is normal as in isn’t life suppose to be this crazy? *hugs* I missed you!

  6. Ink says:

    OMG, Evenshine. I’m so sorry. I hope that the people in your department who need to know about this are being supportive and helpful.

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