Don’t stand so…

My favorite teacher? Ms. Evenshine. Without a doubt. I had her last semester, and she was one of the highlights of the year. I really liked our debate on capital punishment- I talked about The Life of David Gale. She had seen it and we talked about it after class.

I friended her on FaceBook, but she sent me a really nice message explaining about her policy on being FB friends with students. When I graduate, she said. It’s just one more semester.

She replied to the message I sent her on FB. She said thanks for the song I sent, that she has always liked One Republic. We like the same music! Kinda like movies…she has the same taste I do. Good taste. Discriminating.

I waited for her after class. I had to wait a while, since she was explaining something to one of her current students, and then another one had a question about their test. It made me late for my next class, but it was so nice to see her and I wanted to say goodbye before I leave on Spring Break. I think I’ll get her a gift while I’m gone. Something personal, maybe with her name on it.

Coming back from Spring Break was great…it was so hard to sit there and listen to my buddy talk about how Ms. Evenshine is the best teacher he’s had, and about how nice she is and how patient she is with students. I wanted to hit him. But the gift I ordered finally came: it’s a statue of a #1, and it says her name and my name and the university’s name. I know she’ll like it.

She asked to see me, and told me that my continued FB messages were “inappropriate”. I guess she was mad that I complimented her hair, and her smile, and told her she was getting prettier every day…maybe that was too much. I know she’s married, and that she’s got kids, and someone just told me she’s expecting a third. I don’t care. We have a connection. When we talked she said that it would be best if I “took some time”, so that I could “get over her”. I don’t need time, and I don’t want to “get over” anything. You don’t get over your first love.

She asked me to stop sending messages, and that she wished I would understand that it would be best if I left her alone. I’m trying to explain to her that I miss our friendship, and that I really value her and respect her. I think she should give me another chance. Why won’t she answer my messages? Why doesn’t she see me waiting for her after class? Why isn’t she available when I come to her office?

She blocked me on FB. I sent her an email saying “thanks a lot for blocking me”. She didn’t answer.

When I went to her office, she wouldn’t talk to me, or even allow me in her office. She said she’d be happy to talk, with someone else present. She said she feels uncomfortable around me. Uncomfortable?? When I wouldn’t leave, and kept interrupting her, she moved to her phone. I think she was calling security. I ran.

Even though I went home for the summer, I know she’s probably thinking about me. When I go back in August I’ll be sure to explain everything. I’ll make her listen. She’ll have to listen to me.

She will listen.

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7 Responses to Don’t stand so…

  1. amy2boys says:

    Oh my Gosh, evenshine, this is terrifying. I hope the university is taking all precautions possible. Be careful!!

  2. antropologa says:

    Well that sucks. Alert everybody you can alert!

  3. lokimomma says:

    Wow, that’s creepy. I take it you have notified any and every person in your “chain of command” (and looked into financing a personal bodyguard)? Yikes!

  4. Amy O. says:


  5. Gibby says:

    Eeeeewwww. That is so creepy! Be safe, Evenshine.

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