Yeah, baby!


I write like
P. G. Wodehouse

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Um, I think? It’s been a while since Brit Lit, but this is the Jeeves guy, right?

I suppose this makes sense, since I was raised in British schools, but I didn’t realize it reflected so directly into my writing.

Maybe I should have used the post on Shamrocks.

I’m with you, Amy. Not sure how accurate, but gimmicky.

Try it! 

I’m ready for my hot toddy now, Jeeves! And do turn down the gramophone.

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2 Responses to Yeah, baby!

  1. amy2boys says:

    “do turn down the gramophone” HA!!

  2. Fie Upon This Quiet Life says:

    You have to do what feels right to you. I had two different delivery experiences with my sons. The first labor was 14 hours, no drugs (in hospital — and a good thing since we had issues at the last minute with his cord wrapped around his neck). The second was 33 hours, with an epidural at the 32nd hour. He may never have been born without the drugs. I was so tense and exhausted that he just wouldn’t come down. I was disappointed because I would have liked to have had both kids without an epidural. But I learned that no one gives you a medal for that. The only reward of labor, no matter how or where it is spent, is a baby. But it’s nice to go through labor on your own terms. Environment feels like the one thing you can control whilst you suffer. Good luck!

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